Major UI update to the LawVu Platform

Mar 4, 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

LawVu, the simplest and most powerful matter management platform for legal teams ever, just got simpler, and more powerful after releasing the latest update to its user interface.

The new interface is the first major update to the already category-leading look and feel of the revolutionary platform since 2017 and is designed to simplify and modernise the experience of navigating throughout the system.

LawVu’s director of product, Josh Reid says

“The vision was basically to reduce the number of clicks required to do your job, while also making LawVu more intuitive, and creating a more scalable & future-proofed information architecture to ensure we can successfully integrate all our existing and upcoming products and features … and this has all been made possible since our team put in a mammoth effort over the past few months to update our front end technology layer.”

This is the first step in a comprehensive re-imagining of the LawVu product that will be followed closely by a completely revamped LawVu homepage and dashboard.

LawVu is a modern software platform that is revolutionizing the way corporate legal teams manage legal and engage with their internal stakeholders.

By replacing email as the system of record for all legal issues in the enterprise, LawVu is creating a true legal operating system helping in-house legal teams to better manage risk, reduce TCO of the legal function and improve productivity.