LawVu’s new reporting dashboards save time and give legal teams more actionable insights

Sep 13, 2023

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Whether it’s to optimize processes, reduce costs, minimize risk or to improve overall productivity, legal teams are faced with increased pressure to make data-informed decisions.

LawVu’s out-of-box reporting and dashboard features now make it even easier for legal teams to access rich and actionable insights across all the work they do, including contracts, matters and spend management, enabling data-informed decision-making and the ability to effectively showcase the value of legal to the rest of the organization.

Transforming data into insights that matter to make data driven decisions

Key metrics legal teams need, made easy

Not only is reporting on all the work your legal team does made easier by managing it in one place, but LawVu also does the heavy lifting for you by surfacing an extensive set of out-of-the-box key metrics, some of which include the volume, type and status of matters (figure 1), and the volume, type and status of contracts (figure 2).

Matters reports

Figure 1

Contracts reports

Figure 2

By having access to quick and ready-to-go key metrics you can manage resources more effectively, understand where your legal team spends most of their time, and prioritize and manage workloads easily.

Easy to use, visual, and interactive dashboards

The new reporting dashboards are visual and interactive, making it easy for legal teams to surface, sort, filter, and drill down reports to find the data that matters the most.

Plus, reports can be exported and shared with just a few clicks, so you can easily showcase the value of legal to the rest of the organization.

Contracts summary

Access insights on all of legal’s work from one place

The new reports are embedded in the legal workspace. This means you can access insights and reports on matters, contracts, spend, and admin instantly, without the need for other BI tools, or having to jump between multiple systems to spend hours collating and analyzing the data. By surfacing the insights you need from just one place, you save time and effort that could be spent elsewhere.

New advanced reporting for more control and flexibility over your data

There are multiple ways you can access data in LawVu, from the new out-of-box reporting to the advanced option called ‘Insights Connect’, giving you complete control and flexibility over your data with premodeled and optimized data sets.

Insights Connect enables you to integrate LawVu data into your own analytics ecosystem, empowering you to build customized dashboards and reports, combine data sets, and seamlessly integrate with AI and other machine learning platforms.

Request a demo here to learn more about Insights Connect.

Ready to see LawVu’s new standard reporting and dashboards in action?

LawVu’s new standard reporting and dashboards is just another way that LawVu helps legal teams and the wider business to continuously optimize and adjust with actionable insights in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Watch this on-demand demo to see LawVu insights and reporting in action or get in touch with us.

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