Use cases

LawVu is highly configurable and can work for any industry.
Below are a few examples to get started.


Local government

In-house legal departments often find it hard to justify extra budget from the wider organization, especially when it comes to in-house legal departments inside local government and municipalities.

Biotech & pharmaceutical companies

In-house legal departments in the pharmaceutical sector as well as the biotech sector, are known for often outsourcing highly specialized intellectual property tasks to external lawyers as well as having to manage contracts about highly valuable intellectual property.

Finance & Banking

In-house legal departments in the finance and banking industry are known for having the highest technology budgets and usage, outside counsel spend and the largest internal teams. The banking sector is also highly regulated and frequently experiences the following issues ...


In-house legal departments in the technology sector are known for having litigation teams and also outsourcing highly specialized intellectual property, data privacy, and cyber law tasks to external lawyers. They also have to manage contracts pertaining to highly valuable intellectual property.


With healthcare organizations continuing to adapt and evolve, and the pandemic leaving many lawyers even more overwhelmed and under-resourced, in-house legal departments need to develop new ways of working to build success.


In-house legal teams within the insurance sector will need to set their priorities to maximize resources, optimize costs, provide transparency, and manage a higher workload, all while becoming more agile, digital, and customer-centric.


In-house legal departments in the education sector grapple with an intricate web of legal challenges, from adherence to regulations, managing intricate research contracts, navigating grants and donations, and safeguarding intellectual property, often with budgetary constraints.

Use cases

Litigation management

Reduce risk with one source of truth. Learn how litigation teams are using LawVu.

Legal operations

Legal operations is an emerging field for in-house legal teams around the world. Learn more about key legal ops competencies. 

Matter management as system of record

An efficient matter management software platform has become a vital tool for today’s modern corporate legal operations teams.

Contracts & matters are better together

With large workloads and increasing pressure to do more with less, legal teams need to increase efficiency and create value while carefully managing costs.

AI for in-house legal

Discover the benefits, use cases, and common pitfalls of AI for in-house legal teams.

“Having a strong partner relationship with a vendor is just as important as good software - and we have both with LawVu.

Andrew Hay - Head of Operations, Legal & Secretariat - Co-op

“LawVu is providing a consistent, unified legal department.”

Matt Pentz, Assistant Town Attorney of Town of Cary

“LawVu delivers oversight into matter and contract management in one easy to use platform for University of Tasmania”

Theo Kapodistrias - General Counsel - University of Tasmania

“LawVu has eliminated the version control headaches and tracking issues.”

Danielle Mann - Senior Director of Legal and Compliance - Ovid Therapeutics

“We were immediately aware of the advantages of having all our moving parts working together, in a shared working space.”

Kristy Rusher - CLO - Dunedin City Council