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Local government

LawVu’s Legal Workspace - a connected single source of truth for in-house legal teams in local government.

Unique problem

In-house legal departments often find it hard to justify extra budget from the wider organization, especially when it comes to in-house legal departments inside local government and municipalities.

A historic lack of technology has meant a lot of manual time spent aligning on legal work and an inability to easily pull reports.

Outcomes with LawVu

Gain oversight of matters management and workflow across the entire team
Quickly and easily access knowledge
Securely manage sensitive data in an ISO27001, SOC1, and SOC2 compliant system of record.


Local governments have engaged LawVu to help their legal function become a connected, unified legal team. LawVu’s Legal Workspace allows you to manage in-house legal workflow, across matter management, contract lifecycle management, knowledge management, and engagement with external counsel. LawVu acts as the single source of record for these teams and provides actionable insights based on relevant in-house legal data.

Full-text search saves time finding knowledge and leverages the power of your team.
Matter grids to see what everyone is working on at any one time
Matter types
Ease of collaboration with conversation within matters - @ mention people and attach documents
LawVu legal operations software is ISO27001 Compliant
LawVu legal operations software is SOC2 Compliant
LawVu legal operations software complies with GDPR
LawVu is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance

Trusted and secure

  • Secure cloud-based platform - SOC1 and SOC2 compliant, and ISO27001 certified
  • Accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Fast and easy implementation and onboarding
  • World-class customer success and support
Customer Story
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“When the Dunedin City Council’s new in-house legal team needed a solution to their file management and visibility needs, LawVu ticked all the boxes.

Kristy Rusher
CLO - Dunedin City Council

Don’t take our word for it! To see how LawVu works with successful companies in this industry, have a read of Dunedin City Council’s customer story.