Everything you need to build the high performing legal function that moves your business forward

Increase efficiency, gain total visibility, and deliver better business outcomes with all your legal work in one place.

Trusted by modern legal leaders  around the world.

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Nicola Gannon - Craveable Brands

“LawVu is almost like another team member that helps us achieve the goals that we need to and align with the strategy of the business.”

Nicola Gannon - Deputy Chief Legal Counsel - Craveable Brands

Why legal leaders love LawVu

More value, less effort

LawVu is easy to implement and use so you get ROI fast. And with 24/7 support you can get work done, not worry about tech.

Higher Adoption

Easy-to-use technology means higher adoption by legal and the business, leading to better data and more value over time.

It's all there, when you need it

A legal workspace handles all your workflows in one place. Use everything at once, or scale over time.

Less tech to implement and use means more value

When you manage all your legal work in one place, you get better data, higher ROI, and more time back for your team and business
Intake & self-service
Matter management
Contract management
Spend management
Insights & reporting


Improve service delivery and connection with the wider business.

Favorite features:

  • Triage, prioritize and assign work to the right people
  • Flexible and configurable intake request forms
  • Self-service guides & contract automation

Matter management

Gain total oversight with the most comprehensive and user-friendly matter management solution for in-house legal counsel.

Favorite features:

  • Intake & triage
  • Collaboration within matters
  • Matter grids - filter & save views

Contract management

Improve turnaround time and reduce risk with LawVu's AI powered contract lifecycle management and automation capabilities.

Favorite features:

  • Easily connect contracts to matters for context
  • Self-service contract creation
  • AI-powered features to extract valuable data faster

Spend management

Maximise the value of engaging outside counsel with our e-billing, spend and external counsel management tools.

Favorite features:

  • E-billing and invoicing
  • RFP management
  • Loved by law firms

Insights & reporting

Make informed decisions and showcase the value of legal with insights and reporting in the LawVu legal workspace

Favorite features:

  • Instant access to matter, contract, spend and platform usage insights
  • Easily filter, sort, drill down, and export dashboards for faster reporting
  • Standard and advanced reporting options

Lead a high performing in-house legal function

Establish your function, effortlessly lead your team

  • Create a single source of truth and knowledge base, and standardize workflows to streamline legal operations and team collaboration
  • Minimize administrative tasks, allowing more time for strategic work and enhancing employee satisfaction
  • Maintain business continuity and clear visibility into team activities
  • Balance and efficiently manage workloads with tools to triage, prioritize, and assign tasks effectively

Shape strategy and engage with your business using powerful insights

  • Save time and get total visibility over all legal work and spend with easy-to-use dashboards and reports
  • Leverage data to manage your team, allocate resources, and plan
  • Optimize operations, reduce risk, and communicate value more easily with actionable insights
  • Have everything you need to engage in data-driven discussions with your peers and make legal data a business advantage

Create a space where the business gets legal work done, better, together

  • Streamline legal operations and reduce email chaos with flexible intake that generates structured data and speeds up turnaround times
  • Enhance efficiency and help the whole business move faster with self-service legal knowledge, FAQs, and contract automation
  • Boost client satisfaction with visible request tracking and fewer delays in communication
  • Integrate with essential business tools like Slack, Teams, Outlook, Gmail, and Salesforce to accelerate contract management and workflows without disruption

Reduce risk, improve efficiency and create a more cost-effective legal department

  • Stop wasting valuable team time (and money) on admin with automation and AI-powered features
  • Easily digitize your legal assets and information so they're always accessible
  • Remove the risk of missed deadlines, contract renewals, and error-prone data entry
  • Improve legal spend management and collaboration with outside counsel to centralize information, save time, and get the data you need to make better budget decisions

Integrated with the tools you love

Keep using the tools that are important to your team and business.
We’ll even ensure they’re set up correctly.
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Gmail
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Box
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Google Drive
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Outlook
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with DocuSign
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Google Drive
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Google Drive
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Microsoft Word
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Google Drive
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Google Drive
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Google Drive
LawVu In-house legal software integrates with Google Drive

See LawVu in action

See how other legal leaders are gaining visibility and efficiency to deliver better service to their business and showcasing their team's value.

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