Deliver better legal service and increase efficiency with intake, automation, and self-service for in-house legal teams

Manual processes and back-and-forth waste valuable resources and slow things down. Increase collaboration and speed up workflows with user-friendly, flexible intake and self-service for all your legal work, including contracts.
Rosanna Biggs - Linktree

LawVu has helped the business engage with legal more effectively. It's produced an easy place for the teams to go to, to both ask us questions and give us all of the information that we need to do the work.”

Rosanna Biggs
General Counsel - Linktree
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“The LawVu Intake queue helps us see what work is waiting to be worked on, what’s in progress and what’s been completed. Business users are able to check the status of their requests. We’re finding this really helpful and feel it’s reduced the number of calls coming into the team to ask where something is at.

Susan Cattell
Legal Operations Manager - AMP
Beth Plunkett

“I have set up the NDA wizard and the team is really impressed. The scalability potential for the LawVu Business Portal is awesome and I can't wait to set up more wizards and automation to support the business.”

Beth Plunkett
Legal Counsel at 4D Medical

Flexible, user-friendly ways to streamline legal requests and empower the business

A better experience with legal

Multiple ways for the business to connect with legal ensures they can engage in the best way at the right time

Proactively manage workflows
With a unified view of legal task and contracts, you can triage, prioritize, automate, and gain deep insights into business requests
Reduce risk, speed up cycle times
Eliminate low-value manual tasks and improve visibility for both legal and the business with self-service, contract creation, and automation

Standardize and optimize legal requests and collaboration

  • Make it easy for your business to engage the legal team with a legal portal and integrations with their daily tools
  • Create configurable forms and set up simple workflows so clients can submit requests efficiently
  • Minimize back and forth and speed up cycle times by getting the information you need up front
  • Easily keep everyone up-to-date and eliminate admin with status updates and embedded collaboration tools
What if ....
You could combine all your legal processes into a single platform?

Scale legal services and drive business velocity without risk

  • Take low-risk, high volume work away from legal without slowing down the business using self service and automation
  • Make FAQs, templates and legal advice available in a user-friendly legal portal with security and control
  • Let business users create routine contracts on their own with simple wizards and templates
  • Give control and visibility to the business with shared contract lifecycle management and transparent matter collaboration
Intake self service illustration

Get work to the right people, streamline legal workflows, and make data-driven decisions

  • No matter where work originates, legal sees an easy-to-manage, consolidated view of all requests
  • Easily create records and triage, collaborate and share work as it comes in
  • Leverage data and automation to balance workloads and reduce admin overhead on work in progress
  • Use structured data and dashboards to optimize processes, manage spend, and showcase legal's value

Powerful integrations that save time and make it easy to build a single source of truth

  • No need to disrupt workflows, use tools the business is already using
  • Easily get information from Outlook and Gmail into your workspace, attachments and all
  • Integrations with Slack, Teams, and Salesforce make it easy to raise requests, create contracts and keep everything up-to-date
  • Get the structured information you need with guided forms and auto-populated fields
Slack and Salesforce

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The advantage of intake and self-service in the LawVu legal workspace

Only LawVu provides a truly integrated, easy to use legal workspace.

You have a lot on your plate, and your business has a lot of requests. LawVu Intake is completely integrated into an easy-to-use, connected legal workspace for matter, contract and spend management, designed specifically for in-house teams and their business partners.

Learn about higher ROI and bigger benefits of the legal workspace

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