Intake, triage and self-service for in-house legal teams

Improve service delivery and connection with the wider business

The most integrated and streamlined intake system for in-house legal and the business.

The volume and breadth of business requests can be overwhelming, resulting in an overflowing inbox, lots of back and forth, and too many manual tasks that waste time and introduce business risk.

Legal teams that use LawVu Intake empower their business partners to self-serve or submit legal requests with the tools they love, improving their experience with the legal team and encouraging the timely lodging of issues.

For the legal team, structured requests are streamlined into the legal workspace for seamless triage and collaboration resulting in a more proactive legal function, improved service delivery and overall better business outcomes.

A better experience with legal

With multiple ways to connect to the business, it’s easy to provide a great experience with the legal team, while ensuring business users can engage with you in the best way at the right time.

Proactively manage workflow

With a consolidated view of everything in your legal workspace, you can triage, prioritize and assign work to the right people, take advantage of time saving automation and workflow tools, and get an in-depth understanding of business requests.

Make everyone more efficient

Whether requests start with email, self-service, or somewhere else, LawVu Intake reduces duplicate effort and eliminates manual tasks for both business users and the legal team.

“Contracts used to take at least two weeks to review and now they take three days at most. Unless there are any questions or redlining, the legal team no longer touches the NDAs.”

Matt Brasch - Associate General Counsel - Buckle

“The LawVu Intake queue helps us see what work is waiting to be worked on, what's in progress and what's been completed. Business users are able to check the status of their requests.

We're finding this really helpful and feel it's reduced the number of calls coming into the team to ask where something is at”

Susan Cattell - Senior Legal Operations Manager - AMP

You have a lot on your plate, and your business has a lot of requests. LawVu Intake is completely integrated into an easy-to-use, connected legal workspace for matter, contract and spend management, designed specifically for in-house teams.

Outlook and Gmail Integrations

Let’s face it, a lot of work comes to you through email. LawVu email integrations make it easy for you to get information from email into organized matters in just a few clicks, attachments and all. You save time and have the visibility and data you need in your system of record.

Meet the business where they are

Legal teams love LawVu, but business users spend their day in other tools. Integrations with tools like Slack, Teams, and Salesforce provide an easy way to raise requests and kick off contracts. With guided forms, auto populated fields, and the ability to attach documents directly from a chat, it’s a breeze to get good information into your legal workspace so your team can be more effective and efficient.

Self-service guides & contract automation

Speed up business outcomes by reducing repetitive requests and high volume/low value work. Our user-friendly and configurable legal intranet will guide your users down the right path to self-service or empower them to create structured matters and contracts.

Flexible and configurable intake request forms

Even in a complex and changing environment it’s possible to align the business with the way your team works and ensure you get the information you need. LawVu’s intake forms are easily configurable to your workflows and matter types, with the option of auto-populating fields to really speed things up.

Triage, prioritize and assign work to the right people

With central intake in place, you can easily review and assign work to the right individuals or teams. Notifications, status updates and lifecycle management ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and everyone has real time visibility. 

Dashboards and reports

Gain insight into where work is coming from within the business, so you can optimize your processes and communication with the rest of the business.

Secure and trusted.

LawVu is ISO27001, SOC2 and SOC1 certified and HIPAA compliant. Your security is our priority.

LawVu In-house legal software is ISO27001 Compliant
LawVu matter management software is SOC2 Compliant
LawVu in house legal case management software complies with GDPR
LawVu legal operations platform is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance

Intake is only the beginning.

Keep the collaboration with all your stakeholders going in LawVu’s user-friendly, connected legal workspace so you can keep track of everything and everyone has the visibility they need.