Transform legal from the department of 'No' to the department of 'Go'!

Open the door to the legal department with a space that revolutionizes the way legal and the business work together.


Research shows that 80% of in-house lawyers believe time spent on daily manual tasks takes time and effort away from working on larger business goals. 

Source: The In-house Legal Technology Report

The department of 'No'

becomes the department of 'Go'!

In-house legal teams deserve to focus on the strategic work that adds business value, while simultaneously encouraging collaboration and self-service from the broader business. Reimagine what’s possible with the new LawVu Business Portal – a beautiful, seamless, and connected solution guaranteed to free time up, enable self-service, and improve satisfaction for both the business and legal team.

Reduce time spent on high-volume low-value work

Increase legal’s velocity and enable the business through self-service contract creation, FAQs, and templates.

Get structured information and data into your workspace without lifting a finger

Generate powerful insights that showcase legal's value to the business, enabling proactive decision-making, and optimizing resource and spend.

Minimize back and forth with the wider business

Funnel all business requests and status updates into LawVu, enabling the business to get legal help as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Remove legal roadblocks and improve business satisfaction   

Reduce cycle times and introduce a better legal experience by providing a beautiful, easy-to-use user experience that business users actually want to use.

Redefining the way legal and the business work together

Save two days a week on administrative tasks

Be the legal hero your team and business needs. Empower business users with a great experience that you control, saving time and resource without sacrificing legal expertise or introducing risk.

Win more deals and realize commercial value faster.

Shorter turnaround times and less back and forth helps the business win more deals, realize commercial value faster, and everyone can focus on more important things.

Customer Story

“I remember when it took weeks to go back and forth in email... now it's a matter of days.

The Business Portal is extremely helpful in getting closer to a self-service model that gives our legal team more time to think.

Matt Brasch - Associate General Counsel - Buckle

Contract creation and management for everyone

  • Standardize contract templates and wizards.
  • Empower the business to complete a contracts lifecycle without legal intervention, upload contracts to your repository or easily manage with legal as needed. 
  • Fully integrated approval workflows with e-signature and Salesforce options. 
  • See the full scope of contract lifecycle workflow: steps, status, action, and date reminders.
Lawvu Contract management can negotiate and execute contracts.
Intake, triage and self-service

Configurable intake and knowledge sharing

  • Unlimited configurable forms to streamline intake and standardize requests. 
  • Integrated legal knowledge base with access control lets you create a secure repository of legal information for your team and the business in one place.  
  • Quickly triage, prioritize, and assign work to the right people.
  • Enable the business to self-serve with FAQs and 24/7 access to standard legal resources.  

Beautiful workspace built to get things done 

  • Easily branded, streamlined and configurable portal.  
  • User-friendly and intuitive, designed for ease of use.
  • Secure platform for visibility and collaboration, with SSO integrations. 
  • Capture everything you need in one single source of truth. 
Lawvu contract management can manage and provides insights into lifecycle of contracts.