The 2023 In-house Legal
Technology Report

The current state of legal tech and the impact on workflow efficiencies and business objectives

80% of all respondents believe that time spent on manual daily activities takes time and effort away from working on larger business goals or affects their ability to deliver services in a timely manner.

What's in the report?

The 2023 In-house Legal Technology report uncovers new trends for the in-house legal profession, including:

  • Post-pandemic burnout shows no signs of slowing down
  • There's been a shift toward legal teams using more consolidated tech stacks correlating with some efficiency gains
  • Legal teams are still experiencing significant legal waste, spending numerous hours a day on various manual administrative tasks such as switching between systems
  • Teams are still using multiple solutions to manage workload
  • Legal team inefficiencies are impacting business outcomes and costs
  • There's a belief that consolidating legal tech stacks will bring efficiency and productivity gains

The report collates research from a survey of in-house lawyers and legal operations professionals across the US and UK to better understand how in-house legal teams use legal technology and its impact on workflow efficiencies and business goals.

Download the full report to uncover additional trends surrounding legal tech and see how your legal team compares.

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Join Russell Davies from Dentsu International, and BrĂ­d Heffernan from LawVu at the World Legal Operations Summit 2023 as they talk all things legal tech.
Curious about the trends impacting in-house legal professionals? Join us for this 30-minute short and snappy webinar where we present the findings from the 2023 In-House Legal Tech Report.

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