Contracts & matters are better together

Work smarter and get time back with contracts and matters in one connected legal workspace.
With large workloads and increasing pressure to do more with less, legal teams need to increase efficiency and create value while carefully managing costs.
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Matt Brasch

Matters and contracts in one workspace is just more cost-effective; it's less effort and time to implement, and it's one simple interface where both the legal team and the business work more efficiently.”

Matt Brasch
Associate General Counsel - Buckle

Separate contract and matter management point solutions are becoming a problem

61% of in-house legal teams spend over one hour per day jumping between various systems to gain a complete view of their work. This leads to:

Lack of context

When contracts and matters are handled in different systems, workflows and information become isolated and context is lost.

High levels of risk

Scattered information across numerous different platforms means lost files, missed dates and amplified risk for the business.

Inefficient workflows

When legal work is managed in different systems, time is lost gaining visibility over work and team, searching through emails, and back and forth with the business.

Save two days a week on administrative tasks

When you manage contracts & matters together you will:
  • Optimize efficiency to get time back without switching systems
  • Reduce risk from scattered workflows
  • Improve decision making with the right context for your work
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LawVu contract management

Highly effective Contract Lifecycle Management for legal teams and their business partners.
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LawVu matter management

The most comprehensive and user-friendly matter management software for in-house legal teams.

Connect all legal work and collaboration in one place

  • Easily link individual contracts and matters together for full context and control.
  • Save time with contextual data search, standardized across one platform.
  • Experience a unified view of all your work in a connected system, including matters, contracts, knowledge, spend, priorities, risks, tasks, and actions.
matters and contracts platform

Reduce business risk with one single source of truth

  • Effective business user engagement and self-service experiences to streamline business intake.
  • Integrated document management and audit trails with all work connected to Matters.
  • Take inefficiency out of the equation with an easy to use, robust repository for all work.

Get time back with a streamlined workflow

  • Essential integrations with email, cloud file storage, e-signature, word processing, and productivity tools.
  • Gain oversight and keep track of progress with up-to-date contract statuses.
  • Access to holistic data and real-time reporting for better decision making.

Smarter legal operations

  • Get to value faster, with less time on implementation using key features like AI-powered contract import and review
  • Consolidate subscription fees and renewals with just one provider instead of paying separate expensive subscriptions
  • Manage security requirements with just one ISO27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2, and HIPAA-compliant provider

Contracts and matters are even better with AI

  • Load historical contract data and get value from your Contract Lifecycle Management tool four times faster than before with AI-powered import and review.
  • Automatically capture and pull out key contract clauses and other critically important data with AI-powered contract data extraction.
  • Replace low-value admin work so legal can refocus on strategic and impactful work.

See LawVu contract and matter management in action

Whatever your in-house legal team needs, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about the capabilities that matter most to you via our library of on-demand demos.
  • Legal workspace overview (3:28 min)
  • Matter management (5:19 min)
  • Contract lifecycle management (4:11 min)
  • Spend management (3:55 min)
  • Insights & reporting (4:53 min)

Alternatively, you can request a personalized demo of LawVu to learn about advanced features, integrations, configurations, and plans and pricing.

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