Matter management

Increase visibility, reduce risk and boost productivity with more effective matter management.

You can't do your best work with scattered data, overflowing inboxes, and admin overhead. Get control with a comprehensive, easily configurable matter management solution.

“We were attracted to LawVu as it's built specifically for in-house legal teams, rather than private practice. Everyone in the legal team is using LawVu now.

Before LawVu, there was a significant risk around documentation -- it was scattered throughout emails. I now have a much more robust record of what's happening, and LawVu has reduced our exposure for not having complete matters.

Andrew Hay - Co-op

From intake to insights:
a single source of truth, built for busy in-house legal teams

Control the chaos, reduce risk

Gain visibility of documents, emails, requests, and work in progress and the data you need to make better decisions.

Optimize productivity and collaboration

Improve intake, balance workloads, and enhance collaboration with the business for better, faster outcomes.

Build a stronger, more efficient function

Standardize team operations and reduce admin to focus on the strategic work that matters.

Standardize and streamline the way you work

  • Eliminate admin and capture information with configurable forms, fields and workflows
  • Triage, prioritize and balance workloads; automate assignments to speed up cycle times
  • Stay on top of tasks, due dates, and work in progress with templated workflows, status updates, integrated calendars and reminders
  • Improve business continuity with embedded collaboration and a shared source of truth
Lawvu matter management workflow

Create a secure, consolidated system of record

  • Store and share documents, emails, templates, advice and policies in a secure cloud-based document management system
  • Centralize information faster with email integrations, dedicated intake portal, and templates that automatically organize documents, files and folders
  • Quickly find what you need to take action with full robust full text search and tagging
  • File, filter, sort and report with easily customizable "grids" (like an interactive spreadsheet that people want to use)

Improve intake, business engagement, and service delivery

  • Remove bottlenecks with configurable intake forms in the LawVu Business Portal, Slack, Teams, and email integrations
  • Increase transparency and reduce back and forth with status updates, alerts, and embedded collaboration
  • Make legal self-service easy with articles, templates, and other resources
  • Provide secure and controlled access for your team, business partners, and outside counsel

Make informed decisions and showcase legal's value with dashboards and data

  • Gain visibility into types of work and volume over time
  • Understand what's driving legal work and identify trends for resource planning and management
  • Harness on-demand, interactive, and visual dashboards for fast reporting
  • Take advantage of advanced capabilities that are there when you need them

The advantage of matter management in the LawVu legal workspace 

Only LawVu provides a truly integrated, easy to use legal workspace.
You can subscribe to matter management on its own, or include additional capabilities to unleash the power of managing all  your legal work in one place.

Intake & self-service
Matter management
Contract management
Spend management
Insights & reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is in-house legal matter management software?

Just as a CRM is integral to marketing or sales, in-house legal matter management software provides the same level of importance to legal functions. Thinking of a matter as the core of your legal work, legal matter management software encompasses every aspect of operating an in-house legal function, from how you and your team approach new tasks to how you evaluate and collaborate on the work at hand.

This includes:

  • The intake of internal client requests
  • Triaging those requests and assigning to the appropriate person to manage it
  • Communication with internal clients
  • Enabling internal clients to self-serve and access legal advice more efficiently
  • Tracking responsibility and minimizing the risk of missing key deadlines or important events
  • Legal document management
  • Structuring the legal department’s information so you can make data-driven decisions and forecasts

Without it, your department may experience a sense of chaos. But that’s not to say all matter management solutions are created equal. To learn more about how the right in-house legal matter management software can optimize the efficiency of your legal operations, click here.


What is the difference between case management and matter management?

Case management is commonly utilized to handle the substantial volume of paperwork associated with litigation, providing a method to file and store documents for each case. Whereas, matter management is specifically tailored to meet the needs of in-house legal functions.

Matter management takes into account the diverse and extensive activities carried out and the oversight required by an in-house legal team, both internally and when collaborating with outside counsel.

To learn more about the difference between case management and matter management, click here.


What makes LawVu different from other matter management systems?

LawVu is a cloud-based platform built to give busy legal departments a clearer view of legal operations in their organization. It's highly configurable, easy to use, and fast to implement without high overhead, unlike more traditional systems.

LawVu matter management is unique because it's part of a legal workspace, a complete end-to-end system supporting your matters, contracts, and spend management, which you can either implement at once, or add over time as you scale.


What makes LawVu’s matter management system so easy to use?

When new technology projects fail to deliver value quickly, your busy legal team pays the price. LawVu’s approach to implementation delivers fast time-to-value and long term ROI in two ways: our foundational design and our unique, customized approach.

Even with LawVu’s advanced workspace, there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to implementation, no matter how complex your needs may be. We make it easy for you to start and easy for you to make your own. You can be up and running on day one with out-of-the-box configurations, or if you require a more bespoke configuration that’s fine too - we’ll work with you!


Does LawVu matter management integrate with contracts?

Yes, not only does LawVu offer a comprehensive matter management solution, the legal workspace also provides intake and self-service, contract management (CLM), spend management with e-billing, and insights and reporting.

Speaking of the LawVu legal workspace, click here to learn why contracts and matters are better together.

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