Matter management

Matter management software for in-house legal counsel.

Optimize productivity and gain total oversight

The most comprehensive and user-friendly matter management software for in-house legal teams.

Legal teams using LawVu's matter management capabilities manage all their matters, workflow and documents from one cloud-based platform. With improved productivity, collaboration and engagement with the business, they can focus more on being a key enabler in their organization.

Single source of truth

Gain total visibility and control over all matters, documents, emails, requests, and work in progress

Increased collaboration

LawVu is built for collaboration and ease of use which helps improve transparency and engagement with the wider business.

Stronger teams

Standardize and future proof the way you work, whether your team is remote, in-house or hybrid. Record time and report on matter cost.

Optimize productivity

Improved efficiency and turn-around times

LawVu named as a

Major player in the IDC MarketScape

for Enterprise Legal Management software


Manage workflow and efficiency

  • Track internal and external matters in one place
  • Manage and triage intake from internal clients/business units with configurable forms and flexible options like email, Slack, Teams, or business portal
  • Automatically assign matters to individuals or teams
  • Tasks, due dates, actions, and to-do lists for individuals and teams
  • Check the status of matters
  • Record time and report on matter cost
  • Configurable reminders
Lawvu matter management workflow
Lawvu matter management workflow

Information management

A system of record and secure cloud-based document management for in-house needs

  • Seamlessly connect matters with documents and contracts
  • Automatically organize and files and folders with standardized templates
  • Store, search and organize emails
  • Advanced search and filtering to quickly surface the information you need
  • Integrations with Outlook, Gmail. Sharepoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Configurable views and permissions for different users
  • Version management and document comparison tools
  • Easy access to documents built into your legal workflows


A collaborative workspace for all stakeholders.

  • Secure collaboration with outside counsel, your in-house team, and your business partners
  • Embedded conversations capture critical information with less effort
  • Easily add internal and external parties and control access to matters, conversations, and files
  • Better visibility and less back and forth with status updates, tasks, actions, and notifications
  • Export conversations and files with your matters when you need to
  • Email integration
Collaborate using Lawvu matter management solution

Business Portal

Streamline intake, free up time, and improve engagement between legal and the business.

  • Easily branded, streamlined and configurable portal for your business
  • Improve satisfaction for both legal and business with a user-friendly and intuitive  portal that everyone will want to use
  • Easily create an unlimited number of standardized forms to capture critical information at intake
  • Promote self service with  access to articles, templates, and resources
  • Visibility into status, actions, files and information for your business partners

Insights & reporting

Review and report on in-house performance

  • Gain visibility on the types of work and volume over time
  • Understand where legal team’s work is driven from
  • Identify trends for resource planning and management
  • Interactive and highly visual dashboards for fast reporting
  • Multiple ways to access rich, actionable insights on other legal work such as matter management, vendor engagement, and spend from one place
Collaborate using Lawvu matter management solution

“We were attracted to LawVu as it's built specifically for in-house legal teams, rather than private practice. Everyone in the legal team is using LawVu now.

Before LawVu, there was a significant risk around documentation -- it was scattered throughout emails. I now have a much more robust record of what's happening, and LawVu has reduced our exposure for not having complete matters.

Andrew Hay - Co-op

Secure and trusted.

LawVu is ISO27001, SOC2 and SOC1 certified and HIPAA compliant. Your security is our priority.

LawVu In-house legal software is ISO27001 Compliant
LawVu matter management software is SOC2 Compliant
LawVu in house legal case management software complies with GDPR
LawVu legal operations platform is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance


Do your best work,
all in one place.

Stop bouncing from system to system. Start with matter management or explore the wider legal workspace.