Spend management & E-Billing

Get a handle on legal spend and improve the way you work with outside counsel

Working with outside counsel is essential. And expensive. You can't afford inefficiencies or lack of control. Gain visibility, increase efficiency, and control costs with spend management in a legal workspace.

Nelson City Council

“I wanted efficiency and that record around the scope of the engagement and the ability for the law firms to upload their invoices. This was so we could start to capture the information and report on external legal spend, inform the leadership team on emerging risk areas, trends, and overall legal costs ... we use LawVu across every aspect of our work.

Fiona McLeod
General Counsel, Nelson City Council

A simple, effective way to manage spend, e-billing, and so much more

Centralize and optimize

A secure space to share work, store information, automate, and standardize ways of working - for internal and external legal work.

Save time and money

Handle invoices more efficiently. Review, pay, and report faster. Have the data you need to plan budgets and control spend.

Better outcomes

Improve collaboration with outside counsel and use data to evaluate performance and make informed decisions.

Boost productivity and streamline the way you work

  • Manage all legal work in one place including internal and external matters
  • Standardize process and capture communications, documents, contracts and legal service provider (LSP) work in progress
  • Reduce email overload with embedded conversations, shared tasks, and status updates
  • Consolidate your provider directory and control what LSPs can do with access levels and permissions
Engage using Lawvu in-house legal software.

Save time on invoice management with e-billing

  • Let outside counsel and LSPs upload invoices to a central repository
  • Import .pdf invoices at lightning speed with AI-powered invoice extraction
  • Speed up review and reduce admin with approval routing, notifications, invoice notes and descriptions
  • Easily see what you're paying for and what's outstanding with real-time data and dashboards

Proactively manage legal spend

  • Align on budget, set expectations, and keep budgets on track with scope management
  • Save time and select the best LSP for the job with seamless RFP management
  • Analyze spend, trends, and manage your budget in real-time with on-demand reports and interactive dashboards
  • Easily outsource invoice handling and improve collaboration in an easy-to-use system that LSPs love
Analyze using Lawvu in-house legal software.
Collaborate using Lawvu matter management solution

Review and report on total legal spend

  • Stop wasting time building and sharing reports with real-time, visual dashboards and easily accessible data
  • Know where money is going by tracking budget versus actual spend
  • Evaluate types and volume of work for better staffing and budget planning
  • Get immediate insights on all legal work -- internal matters, contracts, how you work with LSPs, and more

The advantage of spend management in the LawVu legal workspace

Only LawVu provides a truly integrated, easy to use legal workspace.

With everything in one place, embedding better spend management into your team's workflows is simple. No more time wasted jumping between systems to get things done, including the work you do with legal service providers.

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Matter management
Contract management
Spend management
Insights & reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is legal spend management?

In the context of an in-house legal department, legal spend is simply the total outgoing cost of running your department - internally and externally. Legal spend management is the way that you keep track of, and control these costs, manage resources, and analyze trends. It typically consists of three components - invoice management (including e-billing), management of outside counsel spend (including RFPs and tracking WIP) and legal spend reporting. Legal spend management software helps teams organize and digitize information, improve workflows and get data with with to make more informed decisions and analyze trends and budgets.

What can LawVu’s spend management with e-billing do for us?

LawVu spend management with e-billing is a comprehensive solution designed for in-house legal teams and outside counsel external law firms.

By seamlessly integrating with LawVu matters and contracts, LawVu spend management provides a holistic platform for effective engagement and collaboration with outside counsel. It also allows for easy upload and digitization of law firm invoices, ensuring a streamlined and efficient billing process. With LawVu spend management, legal teams can enhance their interactions with external counsel while efficiently managing the financial aspects of their legal operations.


How much does LawVu’s spend management with e-billing cost?

Unlike solutions that charge based on spend, or require complex implementations, LawVu’s model means you won’t have to worry about unpredictable pricing or limited return-on-investment.

  • Pricing based on providers: Our simple, tiered pricing is based on the number of firms you engage with because you’ll get value from centralizing and controlling your work no matter what approach you take with each provider. You won’t have to worry about fluctuations in price or limit value to control your subscription costs.
  • Easy add-on: Simply add to your plan or subscription and you can be up and running fast, with quick wins from tackling multiple workflows in an integrated system.

How does LawVu spend management help manage invoices?

Managing invoices in LawVu is secure, flexible, and efficient. There are three ways to get your invoices into LawVu:

  • Legal users can upload them directly into LawVu
  • Outside counsel (Legal Service Provider, or LSP) can upload them into LawVu
  • Automate the process with LEDEs files

For even more efficiency, you can take advantage of LawVu’s AI-powered invoice extraction which allows you to create faster, more efficient workflows to manage spend all while gaining reliable data that provides visibility into all of legal’s work. Learn more about LawVu’s AI capabilities here.


Will my outside counsel use it?

Collaborating more efficiently with your outside counsel is a core tenant of LawVu’s spend management capabilities. With LawVu, you’ll start every engagement with alignment to avoid surprises and build better relationships. And with flexible levels of access, you’re always in control of what your outside counsel can and can’t access within your LawVu account.

Ditch the chaos of email and have a single, secure source of truth where you can manage the important work you do with outside counsel.


Can I work with my outside counsel without invoicing capabilities?

Yes, LawVu spend management is incredibly valuable to in-house legal teams even without invoice management. With LawVu spend management, you’ll reduce expensive admin overhead by managing outside counsel conversations, documents, and status updates all within the same legal workspace.

With consolidated data in one place, you can stop switching between systems and instead be able to answer key questions faster and generate actionable reports on-demand.

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