Legal workspace overview

Welcome to a better way of getting legal work done.

Rapid business change, growing workloads, staffing concerns, and economic pressure make scaling your legal services imperative.

At a time when choosing the right technology more important than ever, the LawVu legal workspace delivers greater efficiency, superior ROI, and faster time to value, so you can truly do more with less.

The legal workspace advantage

LawVu's legal workspace is a powerful unified platform for managing all your legal work.

It's easy-to-use, quick to implement, and fully configurable to meet your needs.

Start with the capabilities you need most and scale over time, or unleash the full power of the workspace from day one.

Intake & self-service
Matter management
Contract management
Spend management
Insights & reporting


Improve service delivery and connection with the wider business.

Favorite features:

  • Triage, prioritize and assign work to the right people
  • Flexible and configurable intake request forms
  • Self-service guides & contract automation

Matter management

Gain total oversight with the most comprehensive and user-friendly matter management solution for in-house legal counsel.

Favorite features:

  • Intake & triage
  • Collaboration within matters
  • Matter grids - filter & save views

Contract management

Improve turnaround time and reduce risk with LawVu's AI powered contract lifecycle management and automation capabilities.

Favorite features:

  • Easily connect contracts to matters for context
  • Self-service contract creation
  • AI-powered features to extract valuable data faster

Spend management

Maximise the value of engaging outside counsel with our e-billing, spend and external counsel management tools.

Favorite features:

  • E-billing and invoicing
  • RFP management
  • Loved by law firms

Insights & reporting

Make informed decisions and showcase the value of legal with insights and reporting in the LawVu legal workspace

Favorite features:

  • Instant access to matter, contract, spend and platform usage insights
  • Easily filter, sort, drill down, and export dashboards for faster reporting
  • Standard and advanced reporting options

What this means for you

Greater efficiency, better ROI, lower total cost of ownership, scale


Less time wasted bouncing between systems, switching context, and duplicating work means more efficiency

Time to value

One subscription, implementation, and support relationship reduces effort and speeds up time to value

Higher adoption

One tool that's easy to learn saves training time and drives higher adoption

Reduce risk

A single place for the entire business to access legal work scales service and reduces risk


One set of integrations to streamline workflows, without lots of IT investment

Data driven decisions

Consolidated data with less effort makes data driven decisions easier and operational insights more impactful

“One workspace is just more cost-effective;
it’s less effort and time to implement, and it’s one simple interface where both the legal team and the business work more efficiently ... no one wastes time duplicating work, looking for information in multiple places, or consolidating reports ... everything is right there.”

You could invest in separate CLM, matter management, and e-billing tools, or a traditional ELM. But why would you?

Technology option
LawVu legal workspace advantage
Legacy ELM
Traditional enterprise legal management and operations platforms can be complex and costly. More features than you need, multiple modules added over time, outdated interfaces, and the need for speciality resources can create friction, impede adoption, and diminish ROI.
A modern ELM option delivers critical features for multiple workflows in a truly unified platform, creating a positive user experience that speeds up implementation, fosters adoption, and is easy to configure and keep up to date without expensive services. Natively integrated CLM and a delightful intake experience drive better business engagement, too.
Point solutions
Singular CLMs, e-billing solutions, intake portals and the like can solve one problem well, but may have features you won't use and will require additional purchases, implementations, and integrations to cover your important workflows.
An integrated workspace solution means less time, effort and money are required to solve multiple worflows and generates greater efficiency for end users. Plus, you'll get the added advantages of a real single source of truth, including consolidated data, more context, and one place for the business to get their legal work done.
Homegrown or horizontal solutions
When solutions are not build specifically for in-house legal workflows, they can require heavy customisation, high IT involvement, or workarounds that limit productivity and introduce risk.
A workspace built for busy legal teams will let you get up and running and get value quickly, in alignment with your legal and business workflows. You'll also get more value and scale over time, because you can rely on a vendor to introduce high value features and resources to ensure your success.

A recognized leader, worldwide

Corporate legal leaders are facing intense pressure to do more with less

From rising costs, higher workloads and budget cuts to staffing concerns, you need tech that lets you scale, with less risk and higher ROI.

The top priority in 2024 is improving efficiency

Legal teams continue to be burdened by low-level administrative work

Pain points with current legal tech offerings relate to a reliance on multiple tools


The value of investing in a legal workspace

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Contracts and matters are better together

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  • the top five benefits of connecting contracts and matters
  • why now is the right time to connect contracts and matters
  • how to use a legal workspace to connect contracts and matters

A workspace approach to legal operations & digital transformation

Legal operations become an area of strategic imperative with 61% of legal departments now employing at least one legal operations profession.

Legal technology buying guide

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