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What is matter management?

If you’re new to matter management, then here’s a great place to start.
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What is legal operations?

Legal operations is a discipline dedicated to driving greater operational efficiencies in corporate legal departments.
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What is a Legal Workspace?

LawVu's platform is a Legal Workspace, but what does this mean? Find out why Legal Workspaces are crucial for high performing legal teams.
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Legal department metrics

How metrics can be used to understand and expand your impact, and support decisions.
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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions. Click here to view all frequently asked questions.

Q. What is Matter Management?

Matter management involves managing the activities related to running and reporting on matters with modern in-house legal teams. This predominantly involves:

  • The intake of internal client requests,
  • Triaging those requests and assigning to the appropriate person to manage it,
  • Communication with internal clients,
  • Enabling internal clients to self-serve and access legal advice more efficiently,
  • Tracking responsibility and minimizing the risk of missing key deadlines or important events,
  • Legal document management,
  • Structuring the legal department’s information so you can make data-driven decisions and forecasts.

In LawVu, Matter Management is what we built the platform on, and we refer to it as our “Core Module”.

LawVu matter management empowers in-house legal departments to show what you are doing, do it more efficiently, and quantify your value to the business, all from one connected platform.

Find out more about Matter Management with LawVu

Q. What is Contract Management?

Our clients told us that they need a single, connected platform for managing contracts and matters, to enable General Counsel to see a unified view of “all things legal”.

For this reason, we built a dedicated Contract Management module with the functionality an in-house legal team requires.

The Contract Management module is distinct but connected to the Matter Management system in LawVu.

Our mission is to empower in-house legal departments to show what you are doing, do it more efficiently, and quantify your value to the business, all from one connected platform.

Find out more about Contract Management with LawVu

Q. What is Legal Operations?

According to CLOC (the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) “Legal Operations” describes a set of business processes, activities, and the professionals that enable legal departments to serve their clients more effectively by applying business and technical practices to the delivery of legal services.

Legal Operations provides strategic planning, financial management, project management, and technology portfolio investment expertise that allows legal professionals to focus on providing legal advice.

LawVu manages the technology component including:

  • MATTER MANAGEMENT: View all legal matters, and manage requests from business users increasing ease of collaboration within the legal department and the business.
  • CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Streamline contract create and lifecycle management to improve your organisation’s operational risk,
  • SPEND MANAGEMENT: Manage collaboration with external firms, and improve the value of your external legal spend,
  • KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: Enable your internal clients to self-serve with document creation. Policies and guidelines
  • REPORTING & ANALYTICS: Demonstrate your departments’ strategic value and gain insights into risk, volume of work and dashboards specific to your business.
  • EMAIL MANAGEMENT: File emails and create matters directly from your inbox, seamlessly work between email and LawVu,
  • DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: File documents against matters with version control and platform-wide search functionality