You're one step closer to a more efficient, impactful legal function

Now is the time to make the case for a great tech solution, so you can make the right investment and get your team back to doing what matters most.

Use this template to

  • Easily communicate current pain points and opportunities to solve them
  • Share industry trends to substantiate the value of a solution
  • Make the benefits of investing in legal tech clear to stakeholders
  • Quickly quantify inefficiencies and potential ROI
  • Evaluate and propose a great legal tech solution
  • Ensure you'll get value from your implementation

Each day you delay costs your business time and money

avg. hours saved per week
Legal teams using LawVu save an average of 3.16 hours in admin time per team member, per week ...
monthly cost of delay
... That's worth $89,000 per year for a team of 5, or a cost of $6,800 for every month you delay your software purchase.
According to the 2024 In-house Legal Technology Report,

It's evident that too many hours are being wasted, impacting your ability to deliver value

Believe that time spent on manual tasks take time away from serving the business
Spend an hour a day jumping between systems
Spend more than an hour a day searching through emails determine contract and matter history or advice from outside counsel

The case for legal tech is clear

So, take the last step, and make your case to be a more efficient and impactful legal function.

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