Frequently asked questions

Q. What is matter management?

Matter management involves managing the activities related to running and reporting on legal work within in-house legal teams. This predominantly involves:

  • The intake of internal client requests
  • Triaging those requests and assigning to the appropriate person to manage it
  • Communication with internal clients
  • Enabling internal clients to self-serve and access legal advice more efficiently
  • Tracking responsibility and minimizing the risk of missing key deadlines or important events
  • Legal document management
  • Structuring the legal department’s information so you can make data-driven decisions and forecasts

In LawVu, matter management is the nucleus of all your legal work.

LawVu matter management empowers in-house legal departments to show what you are doing, do it more efficiently, and quantify your value to the business, all from one connected platform.

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Q. What is contract management?

Our clients told us that they need a single, connected platform for managing contracts and matters, to enable General Counsel to see a unified view of “all things legal”.

For this reason, we built a dedicated contract management module with the functionality an in-house legal team requires.

LawVu’s contract management capabilities connect with matter management in the same user interface.

Our mission is to empower in-house legal departments to show what you are doing, do it more efficiently, and quantify your value to the business, all from one connected platform.

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Q. What is legal operations?

According to CLOC (the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) “Legal Operations” describes a set of business processes, activities, and the professionals that enable legal departments to serve their clients more effectively by applying business and technical practices to the delivery of legal services.

Legal Operations provides strategic planning, financial management, project management, and technology portfolio investment expertise that allows legal professionals to focus on providing legal advice.

LawVu manages the technology component including:

  • Matter management: View all legal matters, and manage requests from business users increasing ease of collaboration within the legal department and the business.
  • Contract management: Streamline contract create and lifecycle management to improve your organisation’s operational risk,
  • Vendor engagement: Manage collaboration with external firms, ebilling and spend and improve the value of your external legal spend,
  • Knowlegde management: Enable your internal clients to self-serve with document creation. Policies and guidelines
  • Insights & reporting: Demonstrate your departments’ strategic value and gain insights into risk, volume of work and dashboards specific to your business.
  • Email management: File emails and create matters directly from your inbox, seamlessly work between email and LawVu,
  • Document management: File documents against matters with version control and platform-wide search functionality

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Q. What makes LawVu different to other matter management systems?

LawVu is a cloud-based platform built to give legal departments a clearer view of legal operations in their organisation.

Some legal tech tools have developed to help legal departments manage certain aspects of their legal operations, but only LawVu provides a complete end to end system, which you can grow into at your own pace.

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Q. What features are available when using a legal workspace for legal operations?

LawVu’s legal workspace provides multiple capabilities within a single user interaface providing end-to-end workflow.

These are:

  1. LawVu matter matter management:
    • Matters includes your issue tracking system and matter management “Home” for your legal department and the rest of the business.
    • From here, you can keep track of all your team’s requests from the business for things like a new contract request, or review a third-party paper, or advice in general.
    • All of these workflows are triaged, managed and tracked with status updates automatically sent to internal clients.
    • Matters also include knowledge management and standard reporting.
  2. LawVu has contract management capabilities, which are connected to matters:
    • This manages the full contract lifecycle, contract repository, can automate contracts, can manage approval processes, audit trails etc.
  3. LawVu vendor engagement:
    • Handles your interactions with outside counsel.
    • Everything from sending instructions, scopes of work, managing RFPs and requesting quotes, and e-billing is taken care of from here.
    • Importantly, LawVu does not charge a % of your legal spend.
    • We’re legal technology idealists at heart, and we don’t want to penalise our clients for having a big year of litigation.
    • We also know the importance of forecasting and being able to project costs, so there are no hidden surprises or burst fees etc in LawVu pricing.
  4.  LawVu insights & reporting
    • LawVu has a number of reports and products available for users out of box, but if you want to track your custom attributes against LawVu matters or contracts, you can use our business intelligence tool to generate reports based on those custom attributes for an incredible, and defensible, insight to your own dataset.
    • Importantly, you can also use this to connect to third-party data sources which are not using our proprietary management or e-billing tools.
    • LawVu will connect to those datasets and give you a central platform for creating and distributing your own personal dashboards.

Q. Why is the LawVu matter management system so easy to use?

Our goal from the start was to build matter management capabilities that a easy to use. We built LawVu with 3 basic principles in mind:

  1. Easy to use.
    • We know that a system has to have an accessible user interface, logical processes, and be so intuitive training that takes hours at most, not weeks or months for the users to become proficient because otherwise the change management piece will become too difficult and lawyers who tend to be technology-phobes anyway, won’t adopt it.
  2. Simple to implement.
    • We know that legal teams don’t want another piece of tech that needs a huge amount of involvement from a third-party provider.
    • You want something that is straightforward, where we can figure out your ways of working, we might even be able to provide some advice or guidance from our experience if you want it, and we can help you refine your processes.
  3. Scalable.
    • We know you want a system you can dip into, where you can start with a select set of deliverables and outcomes, you aren’t penalised for starting with a smaller team or small data set, and as confidence in the product grows and you get more mature you can turn on more features and modules if you wish.
    • It is common for our clients to go from a simple issue tracking system to running a comprehensive enterprise management platform over the course of a year. It could take 6 months or 6 years depending on your staff and workload, and all the time you only pay for the parts of LawVu that you’re using.

Q. How would the LawVu legal workspace be implemented for my organization?

LawVu is an “out of the box” SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product which means it is straightforward to set up from a technical perspective.

However, depending on the size of your legal department and the range of matters you deal with, we will work with you to configure the platform to reflect the processes and workflows that will be best for the result you are trying to achieve.

Therefore, while we do not customize the software on a per-client basis, we do the configuration for every customer.

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Q. What does the LawVu legal workspace cost?

LawVu is based on a plan and user basis so you only pay for what you use.

We place great importance on scalability, we know our clients want to be able to start with a defined group of users and it’s important to be able to add on users and modules without being penalised.

If you would more details about the pricing for your organisation contact or request a demo

Q. What level of security protects my legal operations data in LawVu?

Security in LawVu is paramount.

LawVu is hosted in Microsoft Azure, which we have judged as the best in class cloud infrastructure for the kind of work legal departments are doing and the type of data you want to store.

We are committed to maintaining a trust and compliance program that meets your organisation’s needs and expectations. You can learn more about this in our Trust Centre.

Q. Where is my legal operations data stored if it is in LawVu?

LawVu is hosted in Microsoft Azure, which we have judged as the best in class cloud infrastructure for the kind of work legal departments are doing and the type of data you want to store.

We employ Azure data centres in multiple regions, so your data will reside in the region you choose.

You can learn more about this in our Trust Centre.

Q. Is it true that LawVu offers the ability to store an unlimited amount of data without incurring penalty fees or burst fees?


In fact, we encourage you to store as much data in LawVu because the platform is your single source of truth.

This will help you with when searching for documents or keyword searches, and it will save you the expense of acquiring, servicing and managing other document storage products.

Our knowledge management functionality is part of the Core LawVu module and underpins the platform.

Our mission is to ensure you never have to prepare or pay for the same piece of advice twice.

We capture everything as structured data, then we help you to curate it and present it back to your organization as legal knowledge.

Q. Can we set differing levels of visibility and privacy walls for different matters and users?


We have several ways to restrict access to matters.

These include restricting the matter so that other users cannot see any sensitive details.

Marking individual conversations and files as private within a matter so that only a subset of the team has access.

Q. What other software does LawVu’s legal operations system integrate with?

We have out of the box integrations with:

  • Outlook and Gmail
  • Workshare (document comparison)
  • Docusign (electronic signatures)
  • Word Online (online editing and tracking of changes)
  • SSO via Office 365 or Okta
  • Many more!

We can work with you to develop integration with other tools with our API. Email to discuss the integrations you require. You can learn more about integrations here.

Q. What should I consider when buying legal tech with AI?

In order to see value from legal tech and AI, the features actually need to solve your problems. Therefore it’s important to do your research and find a solution that meets your team’s specific needs. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Integration
  • Security

You can learn more about AI for in-house legal here.

Q. Is it true that LawVu provides 24/7 support?


LawVu provides all users 24/7 customer support through:

  • In-app chat
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • The chat icon on the bottom right of your screen

Go ahead and try it out!

You can start a conversation with our support team by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right of the screen or by sending an email to for current clients and if you’re on your journey to becoming a client.

Q. Sounds great, what’s the next step?

The next step is to book a demo below to see how LawVu’s legal workspace can help your organisation.

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