Implementation & Onboarding

A powerful legal workspace that helps you deliver value fast

Worried your new technology will fail to deliver?

LawVu’s easily configurable solution, seamless onboarding, and dedicated experts help busy legal teams and their businesses get quicker time to value and greater ROI.

“LawVu works by listening to customers, understanding their needs, and seeking solutions and resolutions. The team is flexible, responsive, and has great communication, which leads to things getting done quickly.

Andrew Hay, Head of Operations, Legal & Secretariat, Co-op

“Our team has saved two days per week on administrative tasks as a direct result of using LawVu”

Matt Brasch - Associate General Counsel - Buckle

“LawVu had the right balance of customization and ease of use. This meant we could get our team up and running quickly.

Danielle Mann, Senior Director of Legal and Compliance, Ovid Therapeutics

“One thing we liked about LawVu is its intuitiveness. I could just get in there and play around with what we needed to do, and if I needed something, LawVu was there to help.

Matt Pentz. Assistant Town Attorney, Cary, NC

Great tech + great humans = great outcomes

Straightforward set up

A SaaS solution designed for in-house legal work so you can get up and running without IT or specialist resources.

Easy to make your own

Quick to configure and simple to scale over time, with expert guidance, resources and training to drive strong adoption.

Achieve your goals, faster

An approachable tool and dedicated team ensures all users get value, fast; prioritizing engagement and optimizing efficiency from the get-go.

A simple recipe for onboarding success

Our proven approach ensures you see benefits in weeks, not months

Kick off

Meet the team who will support your LawVu journey. Define objectives, and get useful resources for a smooth transition.


Tailor your workspace to suit your systems, team and business. Import legacy data and learn how to easily make changes on your own.

Go live

Our team will guide you through change management, training, and communication to ensure adoption and enagement.

Success planning

Learn how to work with your customer success manager to stay across updates and achieve greater value with time.

Some of the amazing humans to help you along the way.

Deanna Hinde

Deanna Hinde

Legal transformation lead, APAC

Troy Bingham

Troy Bingham

Implementation lead, USA

Carlene O'Meagher

Carlene O'Meagher

Customer success lead, UK and EMEA

All the resources you need. 24/7

With great support so you can focus on strategic work and delivering better business outcomes

Dedicated Experts

Personal implementation and customer success managers with technical, legal, and change management expertise.

Support center

Live support available 24/7 as well as a comprehensive self-service help center with the latest updates and tips.

LawVu Academy

The LawVu Academy has targeted learning to help your team onboard, upskill and get the most out of LawVu.

Continuous innovation

Hear about new features and enhancements that are easy to adopt so you can continue to increase value over time.

Learn more about the process with Alex, our VP of Customer Success

The advantage of implementation with the LawVu legal workspace 

Only LawVu provides a legal workspace with matter, contract and spend management integrated in an an easy-to-use interface. That means you only have one system to implement, one tool to train on, and one place for the business to go to get their legal work done, resulting in less change management and lower total cost.
Intake & self-service
Matter management
Contract management
Spend management
Insights & reporting

Learn about higher ROI and bigger benefits of the legal workspace

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from LawVu’s customer success and implementation team?

LawVu’s customer success and implementation team are here to ensure you meet the outcomes you intended to through your purchase of LawVu. Each customer has a dedicated ISM (implementation manager) to help you configure and implement LawVu, and a dedicated CSM (customer success manager) to help you continue to use and maximize the value of LawVu after onboarding. These folks will also help you with change management, training, and getting access to the latest product updates and learning courses.

How fast does implementation of LawVu happen?

When it comes to the implementation of LawVu, timeframes vary depending on what you’d like to achieve with the platform, the size of your team, plan purchased and the availability of the key people who will be involved. We encourage you to use as much out-of-the box as you can, but if you require a more bespoke configuration that’s fine too!

Our average time to go live is less than 90 days, with many who leverage the LawVu Academy getting value after a few weeks.


What happens after implementation?

Once LawVu has been implemented, you'll have an assigned Customer Success Manager available to ensure you meet your goals with LawVu and to help you with anything else along the way, including new feature adoption. We understand that implementation is not a one-time thing, it’s a continuous process of adoption and optimization, and we’re here to guide and help!

Is IT required in order to complete the configuration?

No, configuration can be provided by LawVu or your own legal team as training is provided along the way. IT requirements are typically limited to single sign-on configuration and connectivity to your other enterprise tools (Gmail, Outlook, Word, Slack, Teams, etc.).


Do you offer 24/7 support?

Yes, LawVu provides 24/7 live chat support and a self-service help center. Someone at LawVu is always ready to answer your question any time, any day.

What if our team’s processes or needs are more complex than your out of the box fields and templates?

LawVu is designed to support your workflows easily. Many of our customers create custom templates, fields and workflows. We'll help you get started and teach you how to handle it yourself if you prefer.

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