Data-driven decisions, faster workflows, and better legal insights for your business.

Making informed decisions and showcasing value is crucial, but it's hard when legal data is scattered and reporting is a chore.

Get actionable insights and optimize legal operations with easy to use dashboards and effortless reporting on all your legal work.
Rosanna Biggs - Linktree

“Now we have the data to back up where our time is being spent, the complexity of the different matters, and whether we have the right skillsets in-house.”

Rosanna Biggs
General Counsel - Linktree

“We now use LawVu across every aspect of our work: to allocate new requests to the right lawyer; to assign work to external lawyers, including scoping and tracking costs; to report on business unit managers work and any trends we've identified. All of this happens with little admin overhead, freeing up time for us to get on with the work.”

Fiona McLeod
General Counsel - Nelson City Council

Easy to use, flexible analytics and reporting for busy in-house legal teams

Effectively showcase value
Key metrics across all legal work make it easy to measure and demonstrate the impact of legal to the business
Proactively manage work and spend
Access the insights you need to analyze workloads, control costs, and improve the performance of your in-house team
The insights you need at your fingertips
Surface insights for matters, contracts, and spend without jumping between systems or spending hours collating data

Hassle-free reporting and quick insights

  • Out of the box dashboards that help you answer key questions, fast
  • Quickly sort, filter, drill down and export
  • Easily organize and download data for quick reporting or further analysis
  • Save and share views, reports and visualizations with your team and stakeholders
What if ....
You could combine all your legal processes into a single platform?

Rich, actionable insights on all your legal work

  • Surface key metrics and report on any work you manage in LawVu: matters, contracts, and legal spend
  • Gain visibility on the types of work, volume over time and where your work is driven from
  • Review team and outside counsel performance with metrics like matter and contract turnaround times
  • Identify trends for resource planning, management and opportunities to automate high volume work

Advanced options for more flexibility

  • Access to pre-modelled data sets you can use with analytics tools without spending hours on data preparation
  • Build bespoke dashboards and reporting or combine with other data
  • Integrate with AI or machine learning platforms

Transforming data from the LawVu platform into powerful insights to make data driven decisions

Matter management

Contract management

Spend management

See for yourself!

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The advantage of analytics and reporting in the LawVu legal workspace

Only LawVu provides a truly integrated, easy to use legal workspace.

No matter what capabilities you use, you'll have great data at your fingertips. Utilize the entire workspace and get the advantage of consolidated data and enhanced visibility on all aspects of legal work, without jumping between systems or spending hours collating reports.

Learn about higher ROI and bigger benefits of the legal workspace

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