Analytics and reporting software for in-house legal teams.

Showcase the value of legal with LawVu

Lawvu in-house legal software has analytics and reporting feature.
Customer Story
Katie Breathnach of Airways about Lawvu in house legal software.

Good data and metrics which are able to demonstrate your value to the business is key.

People don’t realize how hard lawyers work and often the breadth of work that they do. My team has been tremendously busy during Covid and everyone can see that, I don’t have to harp on about it.”

Katie Breathnach
GM Customer and Regulatory Partnerships - Airways

Insights is a data and analytics tool for in-house legal teams.

LawVu Insights provides reporting into in-house performance, outside counsel performance and spend management.

Because LawVu is the most comprehensive software platform for in-house legal teams, the data that can be collected and surfaced is rich, enabling data-backed decision making and continual optimisation.

Improved transparency

Finally showcase the value of the legal department to the rest of the organisation.

Make impactful decisions

More impactful decision making, backed by real time data.

Improved productivity

Understand workflow, the type of work being done and improve the performance of your in-house team.

Optimize spend

Understand legal spend and allocation of outsourced work.


  • Dedicated dashboard for General Counsel
  • Surface metrics on team matter types and performance such as turnaround times, capacity, and efficiency
  • Review outside counsel performance
  • Analyze legal spend
Lawvu in house legal software can analyze metrices and performances.
Lawvu in house legal software can generate standard and customized reports.


  • Standard and customised reports and dashboards
  • Customisable automatic emailing of reports to stakeholders
  • Downloadable reports
  • Embedded in the LawVu platform so legal teams don’t need to use third-party business intelligence or excel ever again!

Insights surfaces data from across the entire LawVu platform.

Now all your matters, contracts, outside counsel/e-billing, and analytics can all be managed from the market’s most powerful in-house legal platform.

Case study
Airways reaps the benfits of LawVu in-house legal software

Airways demonstrates the value of the legal department to the rest of the organization with LawVu