LawVu Referral Program

Share LawVu with your friends and you'll both receive a reward. It's a win win! 

Lucy's friends

Refer another in-house legal team to LawVu, and receive a $5,000 USD credit to use towards your LawVu subscription when they become a customer. The referred account will also receive a $5,000 USD credit for their LawVu subscription.

But wait, we're not done yet! As an extra thank you, the individual referrer will receive a  $250 reward of their choice and a complimentary ticket to the InView Conference this year.

Referring company

$5,000 USD credit

To use toward next year's LawVu subscription.

Referred company

$5,000 USD credit

The company you refer will also receive
the credit to use towards their LawVu fee.

Individual reward

$250 USD gift card


$250 USD donation


Ticket to InView Conference

Ready to refer a friend?

Thank you for helping us grow our business.

Terms & conditions
      • "Referring" = account that is making the referral
      • "Referred" = account that is given the referral
      • "Referring individual" = the person from the referring company making the referral
      • This program is valid from the 3rd of March, 2023
      • To be eligible, the referred account must not already be a LawVu prospect
      • The referred account must sign within six months of the referral date
      • When the referred company signs on to use LawVu, the referring individual will receive a reward of $250 in the form of a gift card or donation (if the individual chooses to donate the money, the chosen charity is subject to LawVu's approval which won't be unreasonably withheld)
      • There is no limit per year for referrals made by a company or individual however, credit notes given to an account within a year are capped at the total value of referring accounts annual subscription
      • Valid from 3 March 2023 to 3 March 2024