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Many work in-house for a better work/life balance and to impact the final outcomes of a business. But often manual, repetitive and administrative tasks get in the way.

That's why it's important to understand how technology can set the foundations for you and your legal team to be your most productive and, therefore, strategic selves. Explore our courses designed to provide you with efficiency best practice below.
Managing contracts and matters together
Contracts and matters are the backbone of the legal team, so why aren’t they always managed together? This course will show you how managing the two together can increase visibility, reduce risk, and save time.
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Where to start with AI
AI isn’t going anywhere, so why not embrace it? In this lesson, we cover how Generative AI can help in-house lawyers free up time and provide tips on some ways to start using AI, without unnecessary risk
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Intro to managing work with firm, invoicing and spend
If you manage external counsel, this course covers best practice for invoice management, data to track, and reporting on spend.
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How to reduce contract admin with AI
Take manual contract tasks out of the equation! Learn how to use AI clause extraction to automatically pull out key contract clauses, saving legal a huge amount of time.
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Reporting – what data to capture and what to do with it
This lesson breaks down some of the methods available to showcase legal’s data and how legal technology can help.
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How to streamline contract workflow with lifecycle stages
A contract management tool can be one of legal’s biggest time-savers, if you take advantage of full functionality. This lesson shows you step by step how to progress a contract through the various lifecycle stages within a CLM.
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Getting instructions from the business: intake and self-service
In this lesson, we cover how you can easily engage with your business via a customized business portal, contract self-service, and status updates.
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How to see business requests in one place
Are you struggling to keep on top of all the various work requests from your business? In this course, you’ll learn how using an intake queue can provide legal and the business complete visibility over requests, responsible parties, and progress.
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How to be on top of all your work by navigating the Hub
Legal’s known for working in various systems to manage all work, but what if we told you there’s a better way? In this lesson, we’ll cover how you can use a Workspace Hub to streamline workflow and have visibility over all legal request.
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Lawyers with business skills

In law school and private practice we learn the letter of the law, the billable hour and how to give technical advice. But in-house is different. We need to connect with the wider business in order to be the strategic influencer of outcomes we came in-house to be. And that requires a different set of skills.

Explore our range of courses designed to help you and your team diversify your skillset and achieve your purpose of going in-house.
Building good relationships and trust with stakeholders
To do your best work, legal and their stakeholders need to be on the same page. We share ways to identify key stakeholders and a stakeholder mapping exercise in this lesson.
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Enable the business with contract self-service
These days, legal is constantly being asked to do more with less. This lesson breaks down how to utilize master contract templates to save legal and the business countless hours.
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Change management
Everybody wants change, but not everyone wants to change. This lesson will help you become a successful master of change management so you can get even the most change-adverse stakeholders on board.
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Understanding business functions and organizational context
How well do you know your business? This lesson offers downloadable templates for process mapping and business canvassing to help you better understand priorities, risks, and goals.
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Empowering the business to involve legal early
Practical insights to get off the reactivity treadmill and create an environment where legal is involved early, can proactively plan, and stay ahead of issues before they arise.
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Showcasing legal’s value to the business
You know the vital role legal plays, but does your business? This course covers how reporting on data already at your fingertips can help showcase legal’s impact.
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Prioritizing internal customers, objectives and enabling outcomes
To have an impact on the business, it’s essential that legal truly understands it’s customers or other functions within the organization. You’ll learn how to align with their objectives in this lesson.
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Reporting on legal’s impact on higher business objectives
Legal teams do a lot more than strictly law. This course covers how reporting on legal’s role on higher business objectives, such as larger, riskier projects and financial projects, is essential to accurately showing the value of the legal function.
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Pre-empting legal requirements and managing resourcing ahead of time
In this lesson, you’ll learn how you can leverage data to identify business trends and capacity across your team to help you get ahead of predictable legal workflow.
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The Connected Legal Certification
If you enjoy our courses for your team, string them together and get Connected Legal Certified. Designed to help in-house legal teams focus on the strategic work they came in-house to do, this Certificate will help you and your team be their most productive, engaged and impactful selves.
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Legal Tech Fundamentals
In a digital world with remote work and growing pressure to do more with less, legal tech has become in-house legal’s day-to-day place of work, or ‘workspace’ if you will. But to achieve the right outcomes, it's crucial to have the right foundations set. So in this first of its kind certificate, you can become an expert on Legal Tech Fundamentals.
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Matthew Gardner

“It's critical for in-house legal teams to get beyond the day-to-day whirlwind of reactive work, and be able to assist their company to reach its strategic goals. This course will assist anyone in achieving those objectives and take their in-house team to the next level.

Matthew Gardner
Global Privacy Officer at UBT
Kai Smith

“I'm always looking for ways to become a more productive, engaged and impactful in-house legal professional.
The Connected Legal Certification gave me actionable insights and tools to take back to my team to make this a reality.

Kai Smith
Legal Associate at The Walt Disney Company

The Connected Legal Certification is a go-to manual for any in-house legal professional looking to take their legal team's contribution to a new level - becoming a truly valued business partner.”

Kassie Knight
Head of Legal - Verisk SBS

“As an in-house Legal Operations Manager, staying up to date on industry trends is crucial, and LawVu enables this through their incredible resources, which helped me achieve the Connected Legal Certification by providing courses to identify and implement changes in technology, people, and processes.”

Courtney Maue
Legal Operations Manager

This course has been transformative, empowering me to become a more productive, engaged, and impactful legal professional. If you are driven, this certification is for you.”

Aton Elton Tetuh
Legal Collections Counsel

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