InView Connect Recap
London, 2024

Enjoy on-demand sessions from our InView Connect conference, with practical advice, perspectives and actionable steps so you can be the best in-house legal professional you can be.
InView Connect 2025
London, June 11th 2025, Church House, Westminster
Legal Impact: The transformational role of technology in showcasing the value of legal
Charmaine Shyu
Contracts Manager
Property Finder
A deep dive into the wealth of data sitting beneath your legal operations. Charmaine explores how unleashing, measuring, and reporting on metrics and data-driven insights can help you save time, elevate your service delivery, and showcase the true value of legal to your wider business.
Win trust and build influence: The blueprint to better business partner engagement
Danny Buglar
Associate General Counsel
The Trade Desk
Learn how and why stepping 'out' of your 'house' builds better relationships between legal and internal business partners, and why it matters.
The modern in-house legal team
Alison Zoellner
General Counsel
Dan Young
VP of Product
The future is bright for legal tech - but to make the most of what’s on the horizon, you've got to be ready to embrace it. Join our speakers as they explore how in-house legal teams can leverage the innovations of today and tomorrow
Legal Ops 101
Adam Becker
Director of Legal Operations
Cockroach Labs
In this session Adam dives into the fundamentals of legal operations, identifying and developing the business case for the function, and when it might be time to give it a seat within your legal team and wider organization
The future of in-house legal: Connected Counsel
David Lancelot
CLO & EVP Advocacy
In this session David shares practical advice on how to transition to a more connected in-house legal model, enabling you to reduce or even eliminate some of your less complex workflows

What is InView Connect?

InView Connect is a community conference for in-house legal leaders.
A space where you can network with the worlds foremost legal leaders and learn to be the best version of yourself.

Our agenda is thoughtfully curated with inspiration, practical insights and fun provocation that can help you take your career to new heights

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