LawVu AI

Turn your legal team into a productivity powerhouse

Leverage effortless, secure AI across the legal workspace to save time and unlock actionable insights

Let our special sauce become the fuel to unlock your legal team’s potential.

Not all AI is created equal. With all your legal work in one place, a workspace approach delivers more time back and more value than the alternatives.

Less overhead

You don’t have to manage multiple solutions to get the benefits of AI for multiple use cases

Better data and insights

You create volumes of valuable information with every workflow; a unified source of truth for all your work lets you ask questions about anything and get better context and insights into your results

More workflows

Because you can use AI to automate and augment multiple workflows in one place, you’ll save more time

Higher ROI

More time saved and more insights across more workflows, for more people, means more value for your money

In-house legal work is multidimensional.
So is LawVu AI.

LawVu's legal workspace leverages a range of AI capabilities to accelerate multiple workflows and unlock insights across many types of data. LawVu AI solely utilizes your data, is always secure, and is designed to deliver value, fast.


Your valuable legal repository becomes powerful efficiency - enhancing intelligence

You create volumes of valuable information with every workflow. Turn your legal work into valuable insights for better decision making and faster workflows.
  • Use natural language to get relevant, actionable answers from documents, contracts, matters, and your knowledge base
  • Find and re-use legal policies, templates, and advice to empower people and get through workflows faster
  • Find all the information you need to streamline deals, projects and negotiations

AI powered contract extraction

Speed up contract processing and unlock valuable data faster

Stop manually scrolling through long documents for relevant information and spend more time on high-value work.
  • Get the critical data you need into your CLM faster
  • Build a more complete contract repository and reduce risk and missed deadlines
  • Speed up reviews, accelerate negotiation and facilitate collaboration
  • Extract clauses that are important to you with Zuva's best in class machine learning and clause library

With LawVu's new contract AI functionality, 10 minutes per contract turnaround is a pretty conservative estimate. It's a real time saver. You get real time back - not just a couple minutes here and there

Patrick Boucher, Assistant General Counsel, IMT Insurance

AI powered bulk import

Import your contracts 4x faster

Release the data trapped in your contracts and quickly create a rich contract repository with unparalleled efficiency.
  • Easily digitize and collect your contracts in one place
  • Quickly understand what's in your contracts and use data to manage risk, renewal, and opportunity
  • Significantly reduce implementation time
  • Backed by Zuva's DocAI, get contracts into your legal workspace faster and efficiently

AI powered invoice extraction

Save time reviewing and populating data for every invoice

Create faster, more efficient workflows around managing spend while gaining reliable data that provides visibility into all legal work and helps optimize your legal function.
  • Automatically extract key invoice data from .pdf invoices
  • Auto-populate key data points to save time on data entry, reduce errors, and get insights and visibility
  • Review and edit fields quickly to speed up invoice review and ensure accuracy
  • Import historical pdf invoices and start using your data faster


Extend your workspace, speed up more processes

Connect your legal workspace to a range of external AI tools to streamline workflows, optimize data handoffs, and get tailored insights.
  • LawVu's connector for Power Platform makes it easy for legal teams to create custom AI-powered automation workflows using Microsoft’s AI Builder in Power Automate
  • Use Microsoft Copilot to securely query records and take actions in your legal workspace, unlocking your legal repository's potential without leaving Microsoft 365
  • Connect specialized contract automation tools to accelerate contract workflows without leaving your legal workspace

AI Security, Privacy, and Control

LawVu prioritizes the security and privacy of sensitive customer data through a robust compliance program aligned with global standards. Our AI services, integrated within our Azure ecosystem, ensure that customer data is segregated and not used to train public models.
ISO 27001

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