Contracts and matters,
even better together with AI

Save valuable time and action contracts faster when you manage contracts and matters together with the power of AI.

What's better than contracts and matters together?
Contracts and matters with AI

Managing contracts and matters together in one connected system gives you time back to focus on the impactful work you came in-house to do. Now supercharged with AI, you can see even more time-savings when managing contracts and matters with the LawVu legal workspace.

Our customers report:


Faster and more efficient contract turnaround time

Minutes saved per document on contract data entry with AI powered features


Less time spent managing tasks with a single workspace

Hours saved per month managing email & intake

Customer Story

If you're not consolidating all of your work into one place now, you won't be able to deploy what's about to come with AI solutions.
Your strategy needs to consolidate your workflows and technology will help with this.

Russell Davies
Head of Legal and Compliance Operations, Dentsu

“What clinched it for us with LawVu was the easy to use interface and the fact that it combined all of the functions we needed -- the matter management, contract management, and the added element of having some automation.’’

Nicola Gannon
Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, Craveable Brands

Why contracts and matters together?

When you manage contracts & matters together you will:

    • Optimize efficiency to get time back without switching systems 
    • Reduce risk from scattered workflows 
    • Improve decision making with the right context for your work  

LawVu contract management

Highly effective contract lifecycle management for legal teams and their business partners.


LawVu matter management

The most comprehensive and user-friendly matter management software for in-house legal teams.

And now you can action your contracts even  faster with AI

With contracts and matters together in one place, not only do you get time savings but a more comprehensive system of record as well. Now with AI, you can get even more time back and build an even better system of record.

AI-powered bulk import and review

  • Digitize and collect your contracts in one place using the power of AI
  • Import legacy contracts into LawVu in bulk four times faster and get the value of your contract repository in less time.
  • Quickly understand what's in your contracts and use that data to manage risk, renewal, and opportunity.
  • Powered by Zuva's DocAI for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
Lawvu contract management can create self-service templates and contract automation.
Lawvu Contract management can negotiate and execute contracts.

AI-powered contract data extraction

  • A faster path to critical data capture for your executed contracts
  • Stop manually scrolling through long documents for relevant dates, names, and values and spend more time on high-value work.
  • Eliminate risk and the potential of missed deadlines with a more efficient way to get complete and accurate contracts records in one place.
  • Copy key clauses and data quickly and accurately with a library of standard terms powered by Zuva's DocAI best-in-class machine learning.

AI Assist (beta)

  • Optimize your contract repository with a new conversational tool that reviews and summarizes key contract information.
  • Get instant answers to your contract questions, so you can surface key information instantly, make better decisions, and spend less time crawling through the fine print.
  • Use quick prompts to find out about parties involved, key dates, signatories, scope, work/services, payment terms, liabilities and warranties - fast!
  • Reduce the risk of misunderstanding and align all the parties involved by simplifying complex language and providing contextual information.
Lawvu contract management can manage and provides insights into lifecycle of contracts.


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Contracts and matters are better together

In this whitepaper we’ll examine:

  • the top five benefits of connecting contracts and matters
  • why now is the right time to connect contracts and matters
  • how to use a legal workspace to connect contracts and matters

What is AI for in-house legal?

Read on for an overview of AI, a detailed description of how it can benefit in-house legal processes, common pitfalls to watch out for, and to discover how AI works in a legal workspace.

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