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Get the latest insights and trends used by forward-thinking in-house legal teams wanting to connect themselves to the rest of the business and make a dent in the legal industry.

The 2023 In-house Legal Technology Report

The current state of legal tech and the impact on workflow efficiencies and business objectives.

The Connected
 Legal Playbook

Your guide to becoming a more productive, engaged and impactful legal team in an increasingly complex legal environment.

Securing your budget for legal tech in 2023: tips and tools

"Do more with less" is a familiar imperative for in-house legal teams — and in an uncertain economic environment and a potential recession, it's a given. Legal leaders need to have the right tools in place to optimize productivity, workflow…

High growth whitepaper

Creating a successful in-house legal function in high-growth companies

In this paper, we discuss the role of in-house legal teams in the complex environment of high-growth companies. We cover common challenges, where to start as the first in-house lawyer, balancing enablement vs risk management, building and maintaining relationships during…

Contracts and Matters are better together whitepaper

Why Contracts & Matters are better together

Contracts are the backbone of a business, so it’s no wonder contract management systems are so popular. Yet point solutions are emerging as contributing to inefficiencies, with 77 percent of in-house legal teams spending over one hour per day jumping…

In-House legal Department Whitepaper - LawVu

Measuring what matters – a guide to metrics for the in-house legal department

In this white paper, we’ll take you through the importance of using metrics for decision making, how to align metrics with your organization’s strategy, key metrics to use, and some steps to take when you’re ready to start using metrics…

From risks to benefits whitepaper - Lawvu

Litigation – From risks to benefits

Litigation is dynamic and agile, and therefore the constantly moving parts need to be managed effectively and systematically, taking into account the challenges and outcomes from both a corporate and legal perspective. In this paper, we discuss how to better…

The true value of matter management whitepaper - LawVu

The true value of Matter management

For legal operations to bring success to an organization, three core elements need to align - people, process, and technology. It’s near impossible to bring these elements together without a system of record, and that’s where matter management becomes an…

A workspace approach to legal operations & digital transformation

A workspace approach to legal operations and digital transformation

Legal operations has been in a state of transformation for some time now. It has become an area of strategic imperative with 61% of legal departments now employing at least one legal operations professional. So with digital transformation high on…