LawVu Partners

Currently ranking as the second-largest professional services firm on the planet, PwC has joined forces with LawVu to lead legal department transformation.


“In-house legal departments are under increasing pressure as they face a rapidly changing market at the same time that resources are being squeezed. PwC’s NewLaw is helping them transform by looking to greater efficiencies and adding new value through the use of data. LawVu is a key technology platform which will enable us to deliver these outcomes.”

Jason McQuillen, a Partner in the PwC UK NewLaw team said: “Legal operations platforms like LawVu are a critical part of the broader legal tech ecosystem for a fully digitised legal function. We are finding that our clients are looking for a single view of their function across matter management, spend management and the like, and LawVu allows them to do that.”

Axiom is the global leader in expert, on-demand legal talent.


Rethink your legal team. Axiom matches dynamic, highly credentialed legal talent with legal work across industries and practice areas. Axiom’s lawyers bring deep commercial experience and business acumen to your team and quickly integrate into your culture to add value to your organization.

Their lawyers practice in areas that range from traditional commercial topics to emerging areas of law, helping you build an unsurpassed team of world-class experts. In addition, they are more diverse than industry standards and benefit from ongoing business and legal training.

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