LawVu is a complete workspace platform designed to make life easier.

Within the LawVu ecosystem you can enjoy a suite of integrations including Outlook, Gmail, DocuSign and many many more.

LawVu in-house legal software is a complete workspace platform.

Email integrations

Create or update matters straight from email with Outlook and Gmail integrations.

LawVu in-house legal software offers email integration with Outlook & Gmail
LawVu in-house legal software offers integration with document editors like Word & Workshare.

Document editing

Document editing and version control with Workshare Compare, Microsoft 365.

Digital signing

Send documents for digital signature with DocuSign or HelloSign.

LawVu in-house legal software offers digital signing integration with DocuSign & HelloSign
LawVu in-house legal software offers file management integration with GDrive, Box & Sharepoint

File management

Connect and sync files with other cloud systems like Box and Google Drive.

Intake from the wider business 

With our public API, allow the wider business to create issues from or link contracts with other enterprise tools such as Salesforce, MS Teams or Slack (coming soon).

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Make secure logins a breeze with support for Single Sign-On via Azure directory services or Okta.

Suggest an integration

We'd love to make something for everyone - let us know what you would like to see and we might be able to turn that into a reality.

Power of the platform

Combine any or all of our Matters, Contracts, Engage and/or Insights modules to unleash the full power of the complete workspace platform.