Maximize tech investment and boost productivity with a legal workspace that easily connects your tools and business.

Stop bouncing between systems, duplicating effort, and losing information.

LawVu’s centralized workspace and seamless integrations make improving legal operations fast and simple. Integrates with Microsoft 365, Google, Slack, Salesforce, DocuSign, SharePoint and many more.

“Having the ability to integrate Outlook streamlined the process because it's all there. As you send an email, you can then file your matter into the system simply by clicking a few things. It is amazing functionality in terms of streamlining the filing process.

University of Tasmania

One source of truth for in-house legal. Easily connect your tools and business to optimize efficiency.

Improve productivity
Reduce duplication, manual steps and switching between systems to make collaboration easy
Gain complete visibility
Optimize decisions, priorities and resources with a full view of data, metrics and work in progress
Reduce friction and risk
Never worry about lost files, incomplete data or requests buried in your CRM or email

Get out of your inbox, make email an asset

Outlook and Gmail sync with your legal workspace to easily create a real-time record of requests, attachments, and work in progress

  • Create and update matters, contracts, and files from any inbox to a central repository
  • Quickly save conversations, file documents, submit and receive status updates while you work
  • Centralize, manage and track emails and content across the team and with outside counsel
  • Find what you need, fast, with intuitive filing and full text search for your emails, contracts and documents

Connect legal to the business for faster outcomes

Easy collaboration from preferred tools like Salesforce, Teams, Slack, and email give greater visibility without extra effort.

  • Turn requests into organized information and populate your repository in just a few clicks
  • Automatically create or sync data in your legal workspace
  • Remove bottlenecks and reduce risk with self-service access to legal information and contract management from common business tools

Efficient document and contract management workflows

Easily connect Litera, Microsoft 365 and Formstack, plus Box, Google Drive and SharePoint, for a secure system of record and faster workflows.

  • Sync files in your legal workspace with cloud systems
  • Generate contracts, get signatures, and store things securely and quickly with embedded Formstack, DocuSign, Dropbox Sign and Adobe Sign
  • Directly edit, manage versions, track changes, review redlines and keep things up-to-date
  • Create contracts in LawVu directly from opportunities in Salesforce. Data from Salesforce is merged right through to the actual contracts and round-tripped back to Salesforce to keep everyone on the same page.

Customize your workspace, speed up more processes

Need more than what's out-of-the-box? Utilize our approachable low/no-code automation tool or the the LawVu API to build custom workflows, or connect other systems your business uses, and drive even more efficiency.

  • LawVu's connector for Power Platform makes it easy for legal teams to create bespoke automation workflows themselves with Power Automate within Microsoft 365. No coding or advanced technical skills required
  • Build advanced automations, custom workflows, data exchanges and add ons for LawVu users with the LawVu API

Go to the LawVu Developer Centre, or speak to your LawVu representative to learn more.


Speed up contract reviews with BlackBoiler

BlackBoiler Integrates with LawVu so you can redline NDAs and contracts in minutes, without leaving your legal workspace. BlackBoiler will receive, review, and return a redlined version of a contract after its creation in LawVu, based on a playbook - saving valuable time and money, with less risk. 
  • Instant redlining: a seamless, automatic integration that returns redlines  in minutes
  • Out of the box playbooks: designed for LawVu users. Quick, easy and based on best practice 
  • Custom playbooks: option to redline contracts according to your bespoke contract playboo

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Only LawVu provides a truly integrated, secure and easy-to-use legal workspace that unifies enterprise collaboration and productivity tools in one seamless system of record with fast Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Your favourite integrations are built into an integrated workspace so you only have to implement once.

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Integrating with LawVu

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