Get instant redlining and speed up contract reviews with BlackBoiler and LawVu

Get instant redlining and speed up contract reviews with BlackBoiler and LawVu

BlackBoiler now integrates with LawVu, so you can redline NDAs and contracts in minutes, without leaving your legal workspace. BlackBoiler will receive, review, and return a redlined version of a contract after its creation in LawVu, based on your playbook – and with less risk – all while saving your legal team and organization valuable time and money.

Effective contract lifecycle management is critical for in-houselegal teams. Corporate lawyers often waste hours reviewing large volumes of low-value contracts, and contract management takes the bulk of legal’s time and resources, with constant pressure to speed up cycle times and reduce costs. With so much back and forth, repetition and volume, it’s no wonder legal seek ways to scale their effort and automate their contract review processes.

Some of our customers are spending up to an hour reviewing each third party NDA. However, with an advanced AI-powered contract redlining tool, this takes minutes. Reviews are more consistent and less prone to human error, which frees up legal and the rest of the business so they can focus on high-value tasks.

Improve turnaround times and reduce risk with end-to-end contract lifecycle management

When contract workflows are scattered and slow, in-house legal teams and the business are negatively impacted.

LawVu offers a robust CLM that delivers outsized value and time savings for corporate legal teams. Managing contracts in LawVu drastically reduces cycle times and risk, with practical, secure AI tools that further amplify the capabilities of your legal team.

LawVu offers easy AI-powered contract management capability out-of-the-box; contract data extraction gives access to thousands of your own specialized legal machine learning models so you can unlock valuable data from your legal repository, and our powerful and modern data infrastructure means legal teams can converse with their workspace to surface the most relevant answers and insights in seconds.

In short, LawVu turns your valuable legal repository into powerful intelligence that enhances decision-making, increases productivity, and accelerates legal workflows for your business.

The secure, cost-effective AI capabilities optimize LawVu’s core CLM offering to help legal work more effectively. And now, we extend our core CLM by partnering with specialized solutions like BlackBoiler, who bring more advanced contract review capabilities to LawVu.

How BlackBoiler works with LawVu to save time and elevate your legal service

BlackBoiler is a trusted and secure AI-powered contract redlining solution that integrates seamlessly with LawVu to ensure customers can access fast, secure contract redlining from within their legal workspace.

BlackBoiler provides a quick and simple way to reduce time spent reviewing low-complexity third-party contracts such as NDAs, Supplier Agreements and DPAs. And with a library of pre-built models and a self-serve playbook builder, it’s easy to implement and use alongside LawVu.

Unlike other AI-redline tools, BlackBoiler provides inline edits with commentary, setting out the reason for the change. When a contract of a certain type is added to LawVu, it will automatically be sent to BlackBoiler for redlining according to a playbook designed for LawVu users, with the option to redline according to a custom playbook. The marked-up version returns to LawVu in minutes, with inline edits and comments to provide context – e.g. explaining the reason behind why a governing law was changed. You can compare the redlined contract to previous versions, download to your local machine, and edit with Word Online or LawVu’s plugin for Microsoft Word.

BlackBoiler offers:

  • Automatic redlining: A seamless and automatic integration with redlined changes returned in minutes, saving time and money, while also reducing risk
  • Out-of-the-box playbooks: Designed for LawVu users, this standard playbook is based on best practice and is easy to implement and use
  • Custom playbook: A customized option to redline contracts according to your legal team’s bespoke contract playbook
  • Data privacy: Your data remains private and is only be used to create your own private rule or models

And your stakeholders will love using BlackBoiler with LawVu too! When you offer self-service through your LawVu business portal, you can empower business users to automatically generate and negotiate NDAs themselves, with easy instructions on how to redline another party’s NDA. BlackBoiler’s intuitive integration with LawVu can be configured for full or partial self-service based on your preference and requirements.

When enabled in LawVu, BlackBoiler steps business users through contract generation, redlining, and approval. You can allow them to negotiate and execute NDAs and standard contracts themselves or add an internal approval step that notifies your legal team to review the redlines before sending the contract for signature.

However you choose to configure, legal will have more time to focus on strategic work, while your stakeholders across every department can keep moving forward, fast.

See BlackBoiler and LawVu workflows in action

Want to accelerate your contract reviews and save your business valuable time? We can help!

Only LawVu offers a robust CLM that is seamlessly integrated with great matter management by default. Our safe, secure contract lifecycle management tools help in-house legal teams speed up contract work, improve collaboration, and drive better business outcomes. And now, you can use BlackBoiler’s advanced AI contract review software within your legal workspace to instantly review and redline your contracts just like a human – driving further efficiencies and value for your organization.

If you’re already using LawVu, please reach out to your LawVu representative to learn more.

Yet to unleash the power of the legal workspace?

Book a consultation with a LawVu expert. We’ll answer all your questions and show you how LawVu’s contract management tools work in harmony with BlackBoiler to speed up your entire contract lifecycle.


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