How much time is your legal team losing to inefficient workflows?

And how much is it costing your business?
How many people in your legal team?
Estimated hours saved per year
Estimated potential savings per year

Feeling inefficient? You're not alone.
Legal teams like yours are saving time and delivering better service with the right legal tech.

Our customers report
minutes saved per team member per week on administrative work
faster and more efficient contract turnaround time
hours saved per month managing email and intake
The longer you wait, the more it costs the business while keeping your legal team away from focusing on high value strategic work. Here are three ways can you start solving for inefficiencies and save valuable time:

How it works

The legal efficiency and savings calculator uses the results of industry and LawVu customer studies to generate a conservative estimate of time wasted on administrative, manual tasks.

The calculator multiples those results by the number of people in your team and industry salary data to generate a value based on time savings across your team.

Salary figures are based on US avg salary according to the 2022 In-House Counsel Compensation Survey by Major, Lindsay & Africa; using August 2023 conversion rates. You may need to convert figures to your local currency.

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