LawVu was built to empower corporate in-house legal departments.

By enabling legal teams to operate more effectively and providing them with visibility across the department that they’d previously lacked, LawVu helps in-house lawyers drive better business outcomes.

LawVu’s mission is to move legal to the heart of the business. Because that's where it belongs.

Legal touches every part of the business. Legal teams need technology that integrates them with the rest of the business, so they’re moving together at the same speed in an increasingly complex and busy world.

That's why we built LawVu. A product built from the ground up that aligns what the business wants and needs from its legal function, with the way in-house lawyers work.

It's been a long hard process getting LawVu to the point where we are now, with a best in class product, the highest levels of security, world-leading implementation strategies and a shared vision of the future we’re bringing to life with our customers.

But it's just the beginning.

The work in-house legal teams do is heroic. With few resources and little appreciation, in-house legal teams continue to lead the way in terms of the professionalism and dedication they apply to their work. However, with the right technology and systems in place, they could be so much more. Legal teams armed with the right technology and mindset will become a competitive advantage, able to advise the business on strategies that will directly influence the trajectory of the company, with deep insight and powerful foresight.

At LawVu, we’re beyond excited to use what we’re learning everyday to create an eco-system that will reshape the way companies view their legal function, and forge new ways of working that will ultimately influence the way legal services are delivered around the world.

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