Contract management for in-house legal

Improve turnaround times and reduce risk with end-to-end contract lifecycle management

When contracts are scattered and workflows are slow, both legal and the business are negatively impacted.

Save time and help the whole business move faster with a simple, effective contract management solution you can implement quickly.

“Contracts used to take at least two weeks to review and now they take three days at the most. Unless there are any questions or redlining, the legal team no longer touches NDAs.

Matt Brasch, Buckle Insurance

Easy, comprehensive CLM your legal team and the business will love

LawVu Contracts gives legal teams and their business partners total control over contracts, speeding up turn around times, reducing risk and protecting revenue.

Because contracts and matters are by nature interconnected, we've designed these two capabilities to seamlessly work together to save time, increase productivity and provide deep context for all of your legal work.

Increase efficiency

Save valuable time and speed up cycles with self-service, automation, and AI

Reduce risk, get total control

Get full visibility, valuable data, and a consistent way to manage obligations in a single repository integrated with matters for even greater context

Empower better business outcomes

Remove roadblocks, streamline collaboration and set up self-service to accelerate revenue and growth

Accelerate every stage of the contract lifecycle

Use self-service to free up legal and reduce cycle times

  • Streamline contract creation and eliminate back and forth with standardized intake in your legal portal
  • Give the business options to self-serve contracts end-to-end, from creation to execution, with templates and automation, all without legal involvement
  • Let the business track and manage work on their own with visibility on status, actions, files and information
  • Create, send and manage contracts with the legal team without leaving Salesforce
Lawvu Contract management can negotiate and execute contracts.

Accelerate creation, negotiation, and collaboration

  • Speed up contract review and negotiation with AI that extracts key clauses quickly
  • Reduce admin and collaborate faster with embedded conversations, status updates, and approval workflows
  • Easily create, edit and compare contracts with templates, Microsoft Word and Litera Compare integrations
  • Streamline execution with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and Dropbox Sign integrations

Get total visibility and never miss important dates

  • Central, searchable contract repository
  • Track contract statuses, key dates and renewals including notifications
  • Gain control with complete audit trails and link contracts and matters for greater context
  • Import documents and data fast with integrations, easy upload, and AI-powered bulk import
Lawvu contract management can manage and provides insights into lifecycle of contracts.
Collaborate using Lawvu matter management solution

Rich, actionable contract insights

  • Easy to use, interactive visual dashboards that you can slice, dice, and export for fast reporting
  • Gain visibility on the types work and volume over time and identify trends to make informed decisions
  • Surface important key dates to effectively prioritize work and tasks

The advantage of managing contracts in the LawVu legal workspace

Only LawVu offers a robust CLM that is seamlessly integrated with great matter management by default, delivering outsized value and time savings.

Stop at managing matters and contracts together or add spend management capabilities as well to unleash the full power of the legal workspace.

Intake & self-service
Matter management
Contract management
Spend management
Insights & reporting

Learn about higher ROI and bigger benefits of the legal workspace

Frequently Asked Questions


What is contract lifecycle management?

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is the process of managing a contract through every stage of its lifecycle, from initiation through to execution, renewal and beyond. Businesses adopt CLM software to help streamline and automate the process of managing contracts, making it easier to manage your contracts in a centralized location.

Having a strong CLM in place helps organizations mitigate risk, ensure compliance, stay organized throughout the contracting process and ultimately make managing contracts more efficient.


What is contract lifecycle management software?

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) software is a suite of tools that allows organizations to easily create, negotiate, store and manage contracts in a centralized repository. This involves managing the activities related to contract work for both in-house legal teams and the wider business.

This predominantly involves:

  • The intake of internal client requests
  • Triaging those requests and assigning to the appropriate person to manage it
  • Communication and collaboration with legal team and internal clients
  • Enabling internal clients to self-serve and access legal advice more efficiently
  • Tracking responsibility and minimizing the risk of missing key deadlines or important events
  • Centralization of all contract work and contract document repository
  • Structuring the legal department’s information for data-driven decision making, reporting, and forecasts

What makes LawVu different from other contract management systems?

As contracts and matters are inherently interconnected, LawVu contract management and matter management work seamlessly together to provide you greater context.

LawVu contract management is unique because it’s part of a legal workspace, which provides a complete end-to-end system supporting not only your contracts but also matter and spend management. You can choose to implement everything at once, or add over time as you scale. Click here to learn why they are better together.


What does it take to implement LawVu CLM?

When new technology projects fail to deliver value quickly, your busy legal team and the wider business pay the price. LawVu’s approach to implementation delivers fast time-to-value and long term ROI in two ways: our foundational design and our unique, customized approach.

Even with LawVu’s advanced workspace platform, there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to implementation, no matter how complex your needs may be. We make it easy for you to start and easy for you to make your own. You can be up and running on day one with out-of-the-box configurations, or if you require a more bespoke configuration that’s fine too - we’ll work with you!


Does LawVu CLM have AI?

Yes, it does! LawVu has implemented safe, secure, and reliable AI capabilities to the CLM to help you speed up contract work and accelerate better business outcomes. We have multiple AI integrations available in the CLM to help you speed up your contract process and get key contract data that matters most to you into the repository faster so you can save time for more strategic work.

Here are some use cases and efficiency gains from using LawVu AI:

  • Quickly extract key clauses from third party contracts to speed up contract review
  • Import historical contracts 4x faster to quickly build your source of truth and have richer repository
  • Automatically extract key contract data from executed contracts so you can stay on top of your contractual obligations

At LawVu, we understand that the data we store and process for our customers can be highly sensitive, and requires the most stringent information security and privacy protection. Our AI services are hosted within our existing Microsoft Azure ecosystem, which is IS O27001, SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. Customer data is segregated, and is not used to train public models. Click here to read more about AI privacy and security.

Not only do we have AI in our CLM, we have AI in other parts of the LawVu legal workspace! For more information on LawVu AI, click here to learn more about the various AI integrations we have available.

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