LawVu streamlines intake for university legal teams

  • Is your legal team living in its inbox?
  • Managing work in spreadsheets?
  • Juggling requests in multiple forms?
Gain total visibility, streamline intake and centralize all your contracts, matters and reporting in one secure system for full context, easy collaboration and maximum productivity.

Trusted by legal teams in education institutions around the world.

“The LawVu team was experienced and well placed to help us understand where and how the customization and uniqueness for our flavor of law could happen within LawVu.”

Brett Lemons
Manager and Paralegal - university-related foundation - Illinois, USA

The legal workspace for universities & colleges

In-house legal teams in education institutions deal with high levels of risk, strict regulation, and high volumes of unique legal requests from a variety of stakeholders, both internal and external. They must also juggle cost pressure with limited resources, constant admin and reporting requirements.
Streamline intake to scale service
  • Centralize requests from multiple departments
  • Eliminate admin, bottlenecks and triage work
  • Email integrations for context and efficiency
Manage matters across your team
  • Specific matter types for universities
  • Optimize resource, track and prioritize tasks
  • Easy collaboration with your organization
Full contract lifecycle management
  • Reporting, tracking and a central record
  • Approval routing for legal and university
  • Contract automation and 3rd party review
Showcase legal's value to university
  • Optimize your legal function, data and service
  • Centralized, reportable, searchable system
  • Protect and elevate your university brand
Our customers report

Minutes saved per team member per week on administrative work


faster and more efficient contract turnaround time


hours saved per month managing email and intake
LawVu is a powerful unified platform for managing all legal work. It's easy-to-use, quick to implement, and fully configurable. Start with the capabilities you need most and scale over time, or unleash the full power of LawVu's legal workspace for universities and colleges from day one.
Learn about the benefits of the legal workspace

LawVu enables high-performing legal teams - join us!

Nick and the team understand the unique needs of universities and colleges. We'll tailor the the best solution to quickly achieve your goals, with expert guidance every step of the way.
We'll be at NACUA in June - let's chat!
Nick Briggs & David Lancelot
In-house Legal Operations for Universities

Integrated with the tools you love

Keep using the tools that are important to your team and business.
We’ll even ensure they’re set up correctly.

Intake & self-service

Improve service delivery and connection with the wider business
  • Triage, prioritize and assign work to the right people
  • Flexible and configurable intake request forms
  • Self-service guides & contract automation

Matter management

Gain total oversight with the most comprehensive and user-friendly matter management solution for in-house legal counsel.
  • Intake & triage
  • Collaboration within matters
  • Matter grids - filter & save views

Contract management

Improve turnaround time and reduce risk with LawVu's AI powered contract lifecycle management and automation capabilities
  • Easily connect contracts to matters for context
  • Self service contract creation
  • AI powered features to extract valuable data

Spend management

Maximize the value of engaging outside counsel with our e-billing, spend and external counsel management tools.
  • E-billing and invoicing
  • RFP management
  • Loved by law firms

Insights & reporting

Make informed decisions and showcase the value of legal with insights and reporting in the LawVu legal workspace
  • Instant access to matter, contract, spend and platform usage insights
  • Easily filter, sort, drill down and export, dashboards for faster reporting
  • Standard and advanced reporting options

Secure and trusted.

LawVu is ISO27001, SOC2 and SOC1 certified and HIPAA compliant. Your security is our priority.
ISO 27001

"LawVu = Legal Success = Business Success"

Submitted: May 05, 2024
Verified User in Higher Education
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
What do you like best about LawVu?
Our Legal Team uses LawVu everyday and our non-legal employees use it frequently as well. LawVu provides a central location to track and manage our legal work. From the ability to track communications, store relevant files, manage contract versions, view what contracts are pending, and a host of other features, LawVu makes it simple and easy for our in-house counsel team to handle its wide-variety of legal tasks...
What problems is LawVu solving and how is that benefiting you?
Our organization has contract discussions that can last for multiple years. This presents a problem with business continunty when different employees are handling these agreements and there are numerous versions of the agreements. LawVu provides business continuity for these long-term business relationships and allows for transparent communication with these agreements...

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