Workspace Intelligence

Move faster.
Make smarter decisions.

Workspace IntelligenceTM harnesses the power of AI and natural language to transform all your legal work into a productivity powerhouse of legal intelligence.

AI this powerful is only possible with a unified platform like the LawVu legal workspace.

Workspace Intelligence works across all your legal workflows - intake, matter, document, knowledge, contract and spend management - with endless ways to help you work faster, unlock insights, and accelerate business outcomes.

Make contract workflows more efficient

Trade low value work like searching, scrolling, reading and wondering where to find something for speedier cycle times and more reliable risk management.
Query one or many of your contracts for specific clauses to accelerate contract creation and review
Spend less time scrolling, reading, and writing with quick contract summaries
Use contract Q&A to quickly understand key terms and conditions

Manage risk, obligations, and projects at scale

You create volumes of valuable intelligence with every workflow. Now you can analyze your repository of documents in the time it would take a single person to find and read just one.
Easily navigate your entire workspace to streamline deals, projects and negotiations with quick access to work in progress, historical information and context
Search and report across your contract repository to surface risk and opportunity

Unlock legal knowledge and enhance workflows across the workspace

No matter what you are working on, Workspace intelligence gives you the productivity boost and context you need. Never answer the same question twice or wonder where something is at; access the information you need to get more done.
Reduce risk and move faster with a smarter knowledgebase that makes policies, templates and advice easier to find and re-use than ever before
Use quick prompts to identify your highest priority work - without wasting time thinking about it
Find what you need, even if you're not sure what you're looking for - with powerful natural language search and suggestions

Let your legal knowledge get to work, worry-free

Privacy & data protection
Built on Microsoft Azure technology ensuring the highest privacy and security standards. Your data is never used to train any models, and stays within your region.
Ease of use & immediate value
Designed for legal workflows, with features like quick prompts and next actions to make it easy to act fast. Plus, you won't have to train models or wait for your repository to be complete to get started.
Powerful, contextual search
Tons of data? Typos? Too much mysterious legal jargon? No problem. Powerful natural language search understands intent and returns more accurate, meaningful and relevant results.

Workspace IntelligenceTM is just one way to experience AI in the LawVu legal workspace

The LawVu legal workspace serves practical, secure, ROI-enhancing AI in multiple ways to help you get better data, streamline workflows, and deliver more value to the business.

You won't need to implement or manage multiple models or data sets. You won't waste time working across systems.

See why AI is better in a platform that's built for legal workflows and leverages all of your data.
& self-service
Contract management
& reporting

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