Automating your legal work is simple with LawVu’s new low/no-code automation tool

Picture your legal team’s typical week. How many mundane tasks are you repeating? How many unfamiliar stakeholder tools and processes are you navigating? How much time are you wasting connecting the dots and re-communicating across multiple channels?

In-house legal teams work on a plethora of complex tasks which impact processes across the business. Bouncing around multiple systems increases the risk of error and takes time from strategic work. Because we know that your time and legal skills are your most valuable resources, helping you to align with the wider business and automate and standardize low-value workflows is our top priority!

Our customers already choose LawVu for the ability to efficiently manage all their legal work in one place. But now, by tailoring their legal workspace to their unique needs, they can extend that value even further.

Introducing LawVu’s connector for Microsoft Power Platform: Create custom automation workflows to speed up internal processes

Designed for Legal Ops, LawVu’s connector is a low/no-code automation builder that can be used to create custom automations and connect other systems with Power Automate in Microsoft 365. It comes with a range of customizable starter templates based on common legal workflows, with detailed help guides that provide a quick starting point for common business processes that would benefit from automation. You can put your own spin on the template automations, or add your own actions to expand on a workflow.

LawVu’s connector for Power Platform is much simpler than an API, which means legal teams can use it independently and securely – without the need for advanced technical skills or having to rely on IT! The LawVu connector helps legal teams:

  • Increase ROI by removing steps, duplication and friction across repetitive workflows
  • Achieve value fast with an approachable tool and easy to use, adaptable starter templates
  • Improve service by collaborating with teams where they work, only when needed
  • Reduce the risks associated with human error or people viewing sensitive information

Now, busy legal teams can omit mundane, repetitive steps, customize matter and contract management workflows and further improve handoffs between systems and teams. With the ability to sync files and data points between LawVu and thousands of enterprise systems, teams can expand the connectivity of their legal workspace to drive efficiency and insights in a way which reflects their own specific needs.

What is your legal team’s time worth? The potential savings are off the chart!

Wondering if LawVu’s connector is for you? Think about your greatest inefficiencies or friction points, the amount of time that your legal team is spending on mundane processes, and the number of non-integrated tools you are currently using (or learning to use). All of this complexity and back and forth quickly adds up.

Automation example

Automating a 5 minute manual process, which is repeated 200 times over a monthly period, could save 16+ hours of a lawyer’s time – every month.

And this is just one example – the more automations you create, the more value your team can enjoy!

“It’s not just saving time, it’s saving human error!”

One of the first legal teams to use LawVu’s connector for Power Platform were able to quickly build four custom automations. This enhanced their organization’s legal data and saved hours of manual, administrative work.

One of the automations included creating a workflow to track legal service time, enabling the team to demonstrate a resource gap and to secure additional headcount. The team were also able to automate their contract document execution process, building an enriched data repository that has saved three attorneys 1.5+ hours each per week.

Top 5 customized automation use cases from early adopters 

Our customers have already built a range of valuable automations through our LawVu connector for Power Platform early access program – and we can’t wait to share more with the legal community! Here’s some of the top use cases we’ve seen so far:

  • Syncing contracts and key dates from LawVu SharePoint to meet IT objectives and allow visibility and collaboration with the rest of the business
  • Syncing key data points from Oracle ERP,  saving time and reducing human error by aiding with data entry and facilitating document generation in LawVu
  • Customized intake and attachment sync between a 3rd party Salesforce add-on and LawVu, allowing the business to continue working in tools they use every day
  • Dynamic routing of contract and matters in LawVu to the right teams and individuals based on specific intake questions, getting the right people access quicker and without manual input
  • Intake notifications to Microsoft Teams, allowing legal greater visibility of urgent inbound work

It’s been amazing to see the extra time and value our early adopters are getting out of the LawVu connector for Power Platform – and this is just the beginning! Now that our connector is available to all LawVu customers, we can’t wait to share more of the innovative automations that you build. Stay tuned for more developments – including, by popular demand, updates to facilitate dynamic and conditional approvals and automate approval policies. 

Keen to automate your legal workflows? 

Head to the LawVu Developer Centre to learn how to utilize the LawVu connector for Power Platform. Then reach out to your LawVu representative who can answer additional questions and get you set up. 

Yet to unleash the power of the legal workspace? Schedule a personalized demo with a LawVu expert. 

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