LawVu commit to offer a reliable service with 99.95% availability.

As a legal team you're at the center of many business-critical operations, & as the hub of your legal operations, we know that you rely on us.



LawVu is delivered via extremely secure and reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

We currently offer our services from any one of the following geographic regions:

  • Australia
  • United States
  • Europe

Data sovereignty

We understand that our customers have very strict data sovereignty requirements and we contractually agree to store your data within the region that you choose.

Primary and secondary data centers will be within the geographic boundaries chosen, and we will never move your data to another region without your prior consent.

If your data sovereignty requirements fall outside of the regions listed above, please contact us to discuss.

Redundancy & Disaster Recovery

Redundancy & data recovery

All LawVu data is replicated in real-time from our primary servers to a secondary data region so that in the unlikely event of a complete outage at a data center we can transition operations over to our secondary location.

In addition to the above we also maintain a 35 day point-in-time restore backup capability and push a daily backup to a secondary subscription.

Full details of our RTO and RPO objectives can be found in our Business Continuity Plan which we share in the LawVu security pack.

Incident management


Everyone is responsible for ongoing vigilance of information security and all LawVu staff as well as our end users are required to report any suspected security incident immediately. This can be done via in-app chat or via email to


Our Incident Response Plan is available for your review as part of the LawVu security pack.


All reported incidents will be escalated for assessment by our security team who will log the report and determine whether we need to invoke our incident response plan.

System health

System health

We keep you up to date with service health at all times on our system status page

Service level agreements

Service level agreements

We maintain a 99.95% uptime SLA and our RTO and RPO objectives are documented in our Business Continuity Plan which is available as part of the LawVu security pack. You can find our Service Level Agreement here.

LawVu In house legal operations software security pack

Request a copy of our security pack

The LawVu Security pack contains everything your organisation needs to get started on a security assestment of LawVu.