LawVu's AI Principles

AI is a proven tool to increase efficiency, provide valuable insights, and scale legal services - making it possible for in-house legal teams to provide their high value services and support business outcomes with less administrative overhead, and less effort.

We understand that AI is a new technology and our customers have varying adoption rates and risk profiles. LawVu wants to support engagement with new AI technologies; therefore we know it’s important to assure our customers that we are adopting these technologies in a safe and responsible manner so they can take advantage of them.  

Our AI Principles provide important guidelines for LawVu’s use and development of AI tools. We use these principles as a guide to adopting AI tools within our business operations and where AI functionality is provided as part of the services offered to customers. 

The principles are intended to be reviewed annually and adapt to industry best practices and applicable laws. 


LawVu will use and develop AI tools in alignment with our mission to accelerate the world's legal work, with a focus on AI systems and features that are valuable to the user and solve known pain points to help accelerate legal workflows.  


LawVu will be transparent about our AI practices, technology, suppliers and data usage, providing rationale and clearly disclosing interaction or outputs whenever possible


LawVu will prioritize consistent performance and availability of the AI tools and utilize relevant data to provide outputs to users

Safe & Secure

LawVu will ensure that AI tools are implemented and developed in accordance with our existing Security Policies 


LawVu is committed to complying with all applicable laws and standards governing the use and development of AI tools, and monitoring AI tools to reduce any adverse impacts 

Privacy & Data Governance

LawVu will ensure that AI tools respect and protect the privacy rights of individuals and the confidentiality of customer data

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