Finally. The world's leading software platform for modern in-house legal teams.

Everything your legal team needs, contracts, matters, documents and more, in one connected place.

Our Technology

LawVu is the world’s first legal operations platform built from the ground up for corporate in-house legal teams.

All of your legal matters, contracts, knowledge, relationships, and insights are managed in one connected system.

Our Services

We know that transformational change is mostly about people and process. So we’re combining the world’s most advanced legal operations technology, with an award-winning implementation team that has the experience and expertise to help you reach your full operational potential.

Our services range from current state mapping, to project management training, to stakeholder engagement workshops.

Matter management

Every in-house legal department, no matter the size, needs a system of record. There is too much risk and time wasted when running your department solely through email and spreadsheets alone. 

Find out how LawVu's matter management software can help in-house legal teams gain true visibility of their work and improve productivity below. 

Contract management

Managing the creation, lifecycle, negotiation and execution of contracts can be overly manual for in-house legal teams. Plus, when contracts aren’t managed well, it poses a risk to the company such as key dates and document changes being easily missed. 

To learn how LawVu's contract lifecycle management software can help in-house legal teams gain total control of their contract management and reduce risk, click 'Learn more' below.

Outside counsel management

Managing scope, billing guidelines, workflow and documents with outside counsel can be confusing and commonly centred around email chains and spreadsheets. It can also be difficult to know which vendors are performing well or not without tracking and transparency.

Learn more about how LawVu's Engage module could help your legal team better manage outside counsel and spend.

Knowledge and document management

It can be hard to search for historical advice, your team's IP and information generally when it's saved in multiple locations across document clouds, emails, and desktops.

Learn about how LawVu can help you reduce time to resolution with its knowledge base and document libraries.

Reporting and analytics

Legal counsel sometimes lack the time and tools to further drive their desired outcomes; yet they’re expected to improve collaboration and visibility with the rest of the organisation.

Click below to find out how LawVu can help in-house counsel take complete control over spend, team performance and analyze trends to for better decision making.

Platform integrations

LawVu is a complete legal operations platform – designed to make it simple to get data into and out of and ultimately make life easier.

We connect with many 3rd party add-ons to do just that – such as Outlook and Gmail so that you can easily file documents into LawVu … and if your organisation uses Single Sign-On to manage user accounts – then we can work with that too.

Case study

The University of Tasmania simplifies matter management with LawVu.

The University of Tasmania (UTAS), one of Australia’s top public research institutions, employs close to 4000 people. Their in-house legal department was looking for a tried and tested technology to ease their workload. LawVu has enabled UTAS to easily understand and manage their legal matters.