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Finally. The world's leading software platform for modern in-house legal teams.

Everything your legal team needs, contracts, matters, documents and more
in one connected place.

Our Technology

LawVu is the world’s first legal operations platform built from the ground up for corporate in-house legal teams.

All of your legal matters, contracts, knowledge, relationships, and insights are managed in one connected system.

Our Services

We know that transformational change is mostly about people and process. So we’re combining the world’s most advanced legal operations technology, with an award-winning implementation team that has the experience and expertise to help you reach your full operational potential.

Our services range from current state mapping, to project management training, to stakeholder engagement workshops.

Matter management

Every legal department no matter the size needs a system of record. There is too much risk to allow your department to be run from Outlook any longer.

LawVu’s simple, yet powerful matter management solution fits seamlessly into your current workflows, integrates beautifully with Outlook and will begin adding value on day one.

Contract management

Contract management systems are traditionally complex and expensive. Not ours. LawVu has a simple contract automation, lifecycle management, notification and reporting suite that will transform the way your company manages contracts.

If contract management is your most pressing issue right now, choose LawVu knowing that you can seamlessly transition into our insights or matter management solution anytime.

Outside counsel management

LawVu’s e-billing and outside counsel engagement tools are the perfect place to start your legal operations journey if spend, or the performance of outside counsel are concerns.

Our unique approach goes well beyond tracking discounts via e-billing. LawVu encourages a more collaborative and transparent way of working together that results in better outcomes, and measurable improvements in the value your legal department can deliver to your company.

Knowledge management

Reduce time to resolution, and transform the value you provide to the business. Automation workflows, legal wiki’s, document libraries and direct links to relevant content, help your legal team to better manage and distribute access to your valuable legal IP and knowledge.

Reporting & analytics

Take complete control over spend, measure your teams KPIs, track outside counsel performance and analyze trends to for better decision making – all with LawVu’s built-in reporting and analytics tools.

Need more power? LawVu insights delivered custom build insights right to your dashboard.

Platform Integrations

LawVu is a complete legal operations platform – designed to make it simple to get data into and out of and ultimately make life easier.

We connect with many 3rd party add-ons to do just that – such as Outlook and Gmail  so that you can easily file documents into LawVu … and if your organisation uses Single Sign-On to manage user accounts – then we can work with that too.

LawVu Case Study:
City council transforms
legal services management

When the Dunedin City Council’s new in-house legal team needed a solution to their file management and visibility needs, LawVu ticked all the boxes.

As pressures mount on corporate legal teams to deliver more for less, the need to operate more efficiently while displaying your value as a strategic partner grows. But current tools aren’t fit for purpose and you didn’t train as a technologist. You need a risk free solution now that ticks all the innovation boxes while letting you get back to doing what you’re good at. Focus on delivering and displaying your true value Being a great in-house lawyer.