Finally. The world’s first connected legal workspace for in-house legal teams.

Stop bouncing from system to system. Handle any matter, contract, or issue in one connected place.

LawVu is the legal workspace for in-house legal teams.

LawVu is a truly connected single source of truth for all in-house legal teams. With everything in one place, teams can see exactly what needs to be done, collaborate with stakeholders as needed, and discover efficiency gains to take on a more strategic role in their business.
We know that transformational change starts with people and processes. That’s why LawVu offers the world’s most advanced legal operations technology, combined with award-winning implementation, customer support, and dozens of integrations to help your legal team reach its true potential.
With our legal workspace, you can manage your workload seamlessly, without having to switch between disparate systems. We believe that all legal teams, no matter their size, deserve technology that enables them to be their most productive, efficient, and impactful selves.
Matt Brasch

“Our team has saved two days a week on administrative tasks as a direct result of using LawVu.”

Matt Brasch
Associate General Counsel - Buckle

Matter management

Every in-house legal function needs a true system of record; there’s too much risk and wasted time running your department through email, spreadsheets, or navigating between different systems.

Optimize productivity and gain total oversight with the most comprehensive and intuitive matter management software for in-house legal. This simple yet powerful system of record provides complete visibility and integrates beautifully with popular business tools.

Contract management

Managing the lifecycle of contracts can be overly manual for in-house legal teams, not to mention the potential risks to the company.

Give legal and their business partners complete control over contracts, so they can stay on top of contractual obligations, reduce risks, and identify opportunities with LawVu contract management. Designed to seamlessly integrate with matters for complete context, it will completely transform how you manage contracts and risk.

E-billing & outside counsel management

Managing scope, billing guidelines, workflow, and documents with outside counsel can be confusing, especially when it’s centered around email chains and spreadsheets.

LawVu’s e-billing, outside counsel, and spend management capabilities offer a transparent and collaborative way of working with outside counsel, resulting in better outcomes and improvements in the value the legal department brings to your business.

Knowledge base & document management

Finding historical information, documents, or advice often requires multiple searches across inboxes, folders, management systems, and sometimes, desperate calls to outside counsel.

Reach better decisions, faster, with a centralized hub for storing, sharing, and searching your knowledge base and document libraries.

Reporting and analytics

In-house legal teams often lack the time and tools to drive their desired outcomes further, yet they're expected to improve collaboration and visibility with the rest of the organization.

With LawVu’s embedded and customizable reports, you can use workspace data to review team performance, identify room for improvements, take complete control over spend, and analyze trends to empower data-driven decisions and showcase value. Because we’re a workspace, you can get access to more and better data from one place easier than anywhere else, so you can make better business decisions and showcase legal’s impact on the wider business.

LawVu integrations

Platform integrations

Connecting legal to the business, literally.

LawVu is a complete legal workspace – designed to make it simple to get data into and out of and better collaborate with the business.

The LawVu ecosystem offers a suite of integrations with tools your business already uses and loves, including Outlook, Gmail, Slack, MS Teams, Salesforce, DocuSign, and many more.

See the LawVu legal workspace in action with our on-demand demos

Whatever your in-house legal team needs, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about the capabilities that matter most to you via our library of on-demand demos.
  • Legal workspace overview (3:28 min)
  • Comprehensive matter management (5:19 min)
  • Connected contract lifecycle management (4:11 min)
  • Essential spend management (3:55 min)
  • Impactful insights & reporting (4:53 min)

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