How LawVu is helping legal teams manage post-pandemic resource constraints

“LawVu has saved us an immense amount of time due to numerous features it has but the big one is the full-text search functionality.”
Matt Pentz, Assistant Town Attorney, Cary, NC

In this webinar, Matt Pentz, Assistant Town Attorney at Cary, NC, joins us to discuss how to navigate the increasing workloads and needs of in-house legal teams by utilizing technology to operate more efficiently and collaboratively.

We’ll cover how the post-pandemic environment is resulting in legal teams spending most of their time on the day-to-day execution of work instead of the strategic work they came in-house to do.

You will also see a live demonstration of the LawVu legal workspace and how it is helping its LawVu customers to recover time, reduce risk, and connect to the wider organization.

Talking points
  • The post-pandemic trends and challenges facing in-house legal teams
  • How to increase productivity with a single repository and full-text search
  • How to improve operational efficiency through customization of matters
  • How to increase the legal team’s impact and visibility to the organization through reporting
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Matt Pentz
Matt Pentz
Assistant Town Attorney - Cary, NC
Ashley Bass
Ashley Bass
VP of Product Marketing - LawVu

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