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Lawvu Litigation management software

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Reduce risk

Reduce risk with improved visibility and data about documents, dates and workflow.

Improve productivity

Improve productivity with streamlined project management and collaboration.

Reduce 'bus factor'

Staff leave or job changes are no longer an issue with everything saved in a connected single source of truth.

The most comprehensive & user friendly matter management software for litigation teams


Having a single source of truth that provides visibility and contextual data around matters and workflow is essential for litigation teams. Equally as important is the ability to recreate a project plan, replete with tasks and precedential documents that do not have to be generated from scratch.

Here are some of the things you can do with LawVu’s Legal Workspace platform and matter management module.

Matter management and data

When an in-house team has all of its matters set up in LawVu, it has all of the contextual data. If the matter proceeds to litigation, a sub-folder can be created for the litigation, which can then pre-populate with all of the folders the organization needs to have - for example correspondence, discovery, pleadings, drafts. Now, all of the contextual data is linked to that litigation matter.

Out of the box and customizable dashboards can also assist with reporting to leadership.

Matter management & data in Lawvu
Workflow and project management in Lawvu

Workflow & project management

A key component of legal project management involves task
tracking. LawVu’s task feature allows the user to create a
project workflow. When a matter proceeds to litigation you can
have task templates created to follow that workflow.

For example:

  • Case Assessment
  • Settlement / ADR
  • Motion Practice
  • Discovery
  • Trial
  • Appellate Proceedings

Templates can be included that track the workflow of each litigation phase, such as for Trial Preparation and Trial, sub-folders of Fact Witnesses, Expert Witnesses, Written Motions and Submissions, Other Trial Preparation and Support, Trial and Hearing Attendance, Post-Trial Motions and Submissions, and Enforcement.

Collaboration & visibility

Each piece of the workflow can be assigned to the best person to complete a task, whether it’s being managed internally, outsourced, or a hybrid where your team and external resources are working together.

  • Collaborate with team members within matters
  • Send bulk RFPs to outside counsel
  • Triage work to appropriate person
  • Receive status updates on project milestones
  • Integrates with Outlook or Gmail; Google Drive; and calendar synch
Collaboration & Visibility in Lawvu legal operations software
LawVu whitepaper  - Litigation - From risks to benefits

Litigation – From risks to benefits

Litigation is dynamic and agile, and therefore the constantly moving parts need to be managed effectively and systematically, taking into account the challenges and outcomes from both a corporate and legal perspective.

In this paper, we discuss how to better manage and mitigate risk while also improving workflow efficiencies and reducing business costs.

Secure and trusted.

LawVu is ISO27001, SOC2 and SOC1 certified and HIPAA compliant. Your security is our priority.

LawVu In-house legal software is ISO27001 Compliant
LawVu matter management software is SOC2 Compliant
LawVu in house legal case management software complies with GDPR
LawVu legal operations platform is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance

Where to start

By having all of your matters - pertinent information, documents, communications, timelines - in one connected platform that is utilitarian, your team is empowered to exercise a certain degree of control over the litigation process. The result is that a business’ decisions are informed and its overall strategy can be optimized.

LawVu’s legal workspace provides one source of truth for in-house legal, showcasing its value to the wider organization and creating better business outcomes.

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