Introducing an enhanced Salesforce integration to LawVu’s legal workspace

Jul 24, 2023

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Integrating with tools and systems that businesses use daily is critical to achieving a streamlined flow of information and is key to efficiently managing your source of record. For many LawVu customers, it also means providing better ways to engage with legal; by meeting business users where they are.

LawVu customers have always been able to enjoy the benefits of creating and downloading contracts straight from Salesforce, as well as having visibility on contract status. With LawVu’s enhanced Salesforce integration, legal teams can now streamline the way in which the wider business creates, sends, and manages matters and contracts with the legal team.

Even better, Salesforce and LawVu users no longer have to navigate between different systems and duplicate data entry to keep everyone on the same page. They’ll get the benefits of raising structured legal matter requests and routine contract automation without the extra effort of sending an email or logging into another tool. As a result, the legal team can receive structured requests, spend less time going back and forth, and place less effort in maintaining their single source of truth, enabling them to focus on high-value tasks and optimizing productivity.

With the enhanced Salesforce integration, the wider business can continue working with the tools they love, and benefit from greater visibility, access, and enhanced collaboration with the legal team. The enhanced Salesforce integration allows business users to:

  • create one or more matters in LawVu from an opportunity in Salesforce to engage legal throughout the sales process
  • easily create new contracts directly from opportunities in Salesforce, download a copy of the contract or upload a new version of a contract
  • quickly detect and sync changes between Salesforce and LawVu with a click of a button
  • see the status of matters and contracts


LawVu's Salesforce integration

Enhancing the Salesforce integration is just another way that LawVu helps legal teams and the wider business to work better together and achieve stronger business outcomes.

Request a demo today to see the LawVu for Salesforce integration in action or learn more about LawVu integrations here.

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