Boost your productivity with new integrations and enhanced features from LawVu’s legal workspace

Jul 5, 2022

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At LawVu, our mission is to drive better business outcomes by providing the world’s leading and most-loved platform for in-house legal teams. One of the ways we do this is by investing in features to help you get more value from the product and enable you to work in a more connected way with the wider business.

With legal and business complexities on the rise, an ever-increasing volume of work, and the unrelenting pressure of ‘doing more with less’, your in-house legal team is constantly juggling resources in order to get things done.

A unified legal workspace empowers your in-house legal team to meet these demands, enabling you to work more efficiently. For this progress to continue, your legal workspace’s features and functionality need to evolve and keep pace with the changing needs of your team and the business.

Fortunately, with LawVu’s new integrations and enhanced features, you’ll be well on your way to:

  • optimizing productivity to free up time;
  • improving engagement with the wider business;
  • being more proactive; and
  • maximizing legal’s impact across the business.

Let’s look a little more closely at how these latest releases empower you to be even more productive when working in LawVu’s legal workspace!

More ways to work with legal with our new integrations

Great integrations are an essential part of any legal workspace. With LawVu’s latest integrations, everyone across the business can easily connect with the legal team, without ever having to leave the tools they love. You’ll get the benefits of structured legal requests, a single source of truth, and workflow efficiency without all the context switching, duplicate data entry, and manual steps that waste time and are side effects of working in disconnected tools.

Integrations are a great way to make legal even more accessible, further enhancing your legal team’s reputation, engagement, and visibility.

Salesforce — create contracts in LawVu directly from Salesforce

If your business uses Salesforce, you’ll want your legal workspace to be in sync so your legal team and the business have the same information and visibility, without disrupting workflows.

Salesforce can now enjoy the benefits of LawVu routine contract automation. Salesforce users create a contract in LawVu right from Salesforce, using information from the opportunity to auto-populate the contract at the time of creation.

There’s no duplicate data entry, and key information and updates are automatically displayed in Salesforce as the contract moves through its lifecycle. This means less manual effort and more visibility, for the sales team and the legal team.

Productivity gain: less manual effort


Slack — get structured matters and requests into LawVu

Businesses are more committed than ever to their communication tools, so there’s a need for a legal workspace to meet the business where they are, without adding extra work to anyone’s day.

The Slack integration makes it easy for the legal team to turn a request from the platform into a matter in LawVu in just a few clicks.

The integration removes the challenge of unstructured legal requests sent to the legal department from multiple communication channels, improving efficiency, service delivery, and control over your work.

Productivity gain: save time

Microsoft Teams — create matters directly from messages

Like our Slack integration, the Microsoft Teams integration enables the sending of structured matters and requests to LawVu. Create a new matter or add a matter to an existing message in MS Teams without leaving the application.

All parties have easy access to the newly created matter within the chat thread, including attachments from the original message. This enables productive communication and collaboration, all without leaving MS Teams.

Productivity gain: improve collaboration

Adobe Sign — send contracts and files to Adobe Sign from within LawVu

Signing contracts is now even simpler with the Adobe integration. Without leaving LawVu, you can send contracts for signing, see the status and progress, and automatically save the final copy.

This means all critical information stays within your system of record, and you save time.

Productivity gain: save information automatically in a system of record

Enhanced features for enhanced productivity

You invest in a legal workspace to be more efficient, so there’s more time-for high-value work. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a huge difference in getting more done.

That’s why we’ve made enhancements like:

  • adding more functionality to the Word Add-in so you can quickly save contract documents and use templates to create them;
  • enhancing the box integration so it’s easier for you to collaborate and keep files in sync;
  • adding more bulk actions so you save valuable time by completing more things at once;
  • adding more automatic assignments to make sure the right people have access to the information they need with less effort; and
  • search enhancements to complete tasks quicker and find information faster.

Productivity gains: fewer steps, less effort, and time savings.

The ultimate goal of every high-performing in-house legal team is to create better business outcomes. By adopting and enjoying LawVu’s integrations and product enhancements, you become more connected to your work, team, and business and gain back time to spend on contributing to larger business goals.

Keen to learn more about LawVu’s legal workspace? Head over to our Getting Started page to find out more or Book A Demo.

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