Introducing Slack integration to the LawVu legal workspace

Mar 29, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Chat-based communication platforms are becoming the norm for business communication and collaboration, with tens of millions of daily active users and hundreds of thousands of companies adopting the technology to increase efficiency and collaboration. If you’re a busy legal team (and we know you are!), it’s essential to consider how you can use these tools to increase efficiency, improve service delivery, and gain oversight and control of your work. Otherwise they can become one more channel of unstructured legal requests and another challenge that adds to your workload.

That’s why we built the LawVu Slack integration — to make it easy for in-house legal teams and the people they work with to get structured matters and requests into LawVu, without leaving the tools they’re already working in.

There are a number of benefits for in-house legal teams and the broader business:

  • When no one has to leave the places they’re already working, everyone saves time because there’s less context switching and fewer manual steps.
  • Bringing the legal team into the business with a unified experience simply makes you more accessible. This enhances your reputation and visibility.
  • The Slack integration also lets you create a defined intake process that your business users will happily use because it fits right into their workflow, reducing risk as people engage the team in a timely way with better information.
  • You’ll get better, more structured requests that save you time.
  • All of this ensures that the things you need to to work on land in LawVu, where they become part of your system of record. You can triage the work to the right team members, take advantage of automated workflows, continue to collaborate, and build a better data set to optimize your work and provide actionable insights to the business.

The LawVu integration with Slack is straightforward and easy to get up and running.
Just head over to our help page for all the details


Create a matter in LawVu directly from Slack

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