The Connected Legal Function

Becoming a more productive, engaged and impactful in-house legal team

What is a Connected Legal Function?

Today's in-house legal teams are multi-faceted, with an understanding of business, technology, operations, and leadership, all within an increasingly complex legal environment. With the 'Connected Legal Function' framework, in-house legal teams are empowered to further connection with their work, team, and business, all while refocusing on the high value strategic work they came in-house to do.

Teams operating within the framework are:

  • Connected to work and team
    Optimize workflows and team collaboration to better manage volume & complexity of work and free time up.
  • Connected to the wider business
    Develop a deep understanding of the business and engage meaningfully with stakeholders.
  • Connected to business outcomes
    Step outside of what's 'strictly legal' and focus on enabling the business to achieve its strategic objectives.

This new framework provides the insights, tools, and behaviors necessary to empower your legal team to engage more with the business, showcase their value, and refocus on why you went in-house in the first place.

When your legal function understands the business and the business understands the legal function — that’s when the true magic happens! When working effectively, efficiently, and embedded in the business, you’re better poised to impact business outcomes.

"It's absolutely vital that the legal team is connected to the business. You’re really supposed to be rowing in the same direction as the business, which means that your goals are inextricably wound up in the success of the company."

Rosanna Biggs - General Counsel - Linktree

Why it matters

Many lawyers move in-house to be more involved in the big picture, see issues through to the end, and play an influential role in the success of an organization. Yet, a recent study shows that many in-house lawyers and legal operators struggle to optimize workflows and be empowered by their tools, leading to a disconnect between the legal team and broader business.


80% of all respondents believe that time spent on manual daily activities takes time and effort away from working on larger business goals or affects their ability to deliver services in a timely manner.

Four steps to becoming a Connected Legal Function

The Connected Legal Function prescribes four steps to becoming more connected, around which LawVu’s legal workspace is designed

  • Optimize productivity to stay on top of their workload, manage complexity and free up time
  • Optimize engagement to build relationships and better understand business context
  • Be proactive to get ahead of issues before they arise
  • Focus on the impact on business outcomes and showcasing legal’s value to the business
CLF diagram

The CLF Learning Hub

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