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Here is a selection of just some of the popular courses you'll find in the certification

Step 1:

Optimize Productivity

Step 2:

Optimize Engagement

Step 3:

Be Proactive

Step 4:

Focus on Impact

Performant & Powerful
Course 1 - Optimize Productivity (8 mins)
With in-house lawyers constantly juggling many tasks – it can be hard to accurately assess where time should be spent. This lesson discusses the importance of structured workflows, how to prioritize effectively, and the role data plays in keeping your team on track.
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Minimizing legal waste
Course 1 - Optimize Productivity (50 mins)
Legal teams often spend a bunch of time on unnecessary administrative work or back and forth, also known as legal waste. In this lesson, we outline the 10 most common signs of legal waste and offer a quick self-assessment so you can quickly identify any symptoms of legal waste in your department.
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Building good relationships and trust with stakeholders
Course 2 - Optimize Engagement (7 mins)
You can’t have excellent collaboration with the business until you truly understand business objectives and how teams operate. This lesson offers downloadable and collaborative templates for processing mapping and business canvassing to help you better understand business priorities, risks, and goals.
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Building good relationships and trust with stakeholders
Course 2 - Optimize Engagement (5 mins)
To drive engagement, legal must have a solid understanding of their stakeholders and how to be visible to them. In this lesson, we share ways to figure out your key stakeholders, offer an interactive stakeholder mapping exercise, and discuss next steps.
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Empowering the business to involve legal early
Course 3 - Be Proactive (10 mins)
This lesson will offer practical insights on how to sync up with the rest of the business and create an environment in which legal is involved early, can proactively plan, and stay ahead of issues before they arise.
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Showcasing legal's value to the business
Course 4 - Focus on Impact (25 mins)
Being a lawyer is not just about doing a good job and influencing outcomes – it’s about being valued for doing so. This lesson will focus on how to showcase legal’s impact on the business through key data and metrics.
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Matthew Gardner

“It's critical for in-house legal teams to get beyond the day-to-day whirlwind of reactive work, and be able to assist their company to reach its strategic goals. This course will assist anyone in achieving those objectives and take their in-house team to the next level.

Matthew Gardner
Global Privacy Officer at UBT
Kai Smith

“I'm always looking for ways to become a more productive, engaged and impactful in-house legal professional.
The Connected Legal Certification gave me actionable insights and tools to take back to my team to make this a reality.

Kai Smith
Legal Associate at The Walt Disney Company

The Connected Legal Certification is a go-to manual for any in-house legal professional looking to take their legal team's contribution to a new level - becoming a truly valued business partner.”

Kassie Knight
Head of Legal - Verisk SBS

“As an in-house Legal Operations Manager, staying up to date on industry trends is crucial, and LawVu enables this through their incredible resources, which helped me achieve the Connected Legal Certification by providing courses to identify and implement changes in technology, people, and processes.”

Courtney Maue
Legal Operations Manager

This course has been transformative, empowering me to become a more productive, engaged, and impactful legal professional. If you are driven, this certification is for you.”

Aton Elton Tetuh
Legal Collections Counsel

What is the Connected Legal Certification?

Many in-house legal professionals go in-house to be involved in the big picture, see issues through to the end, and play an influential role in the success of an organization. These are opportunities private practice rarely provides.

But too often, legal teams feel overworked, stressed, reactive, and sometimes, unempowered by their tools and resources. In this environment, it can become hard to be a valued partner to the business and to focus on that high-value strategic work you came in-house to do.

The Certification provides the insights, tools, and behaviors necessary to become a Connected Legal Function – a legal team that optimizes productivity, engages meaningfully with the business, acts proactively, and maximizes its impact on the business. 

It covers everything from soft skills like change management to more practical ones like how to design your intake system, all within an interactive platform with videos, quizzes, and downloadable templates to help you take action right away.

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