The Connected Legal Playbook

Your guide to becoming a more productive, engaged and impactful legal team in an increasingly complex legal environment.

In this ebook, we introduce a new way of working, ‘The Connected Legal Function,’ specifically designed for in-house teams. This playbook presents the insights, tools, and behaviors to empower you to optimize performance, manage complexity, and deal with large volumes of work, all while granting you the opportunity to refocus on the reasons you chose to go in-house in the first place.

"It's absolutely vital that the legal team is connected to the business. You’re really supposed to be rowing in the same direction as the business, which means that your goals are inextricably wound up in the success of the company."

Rosanna Biggs - General Counsel - Linktree

Download to uncover

  • Emerging trends within the in-house profession
  • Insights from experienced senior in-house lawyers
  • The four steps to becoming a more Connected Legal Function (Optimize Productivity, Optimize Engagement, Be Proactive, and Focus on Impact)
  • Quick wins to start your journey now!

"You can’t advise in a vacuum. You need to understand the motives of the business, the priorities of the business, the context in which people are asking questions, and, sometimes, the background of the person asking the questions.

You need to be connected and know what’s happening and who you’re talking to so you can give the best possible advice, and therefore get the best possible outcome."

Matt Vaughan - Executive VP - LawVu

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