Contract Management

Simple, effective contract management for the modern enterprise

Contracts and matters.
Together for the first time.

Whether your legal team is responsible for managing contracts or not, we believe that a single connected platform for managing contracts and matters, that gives General Counsel a single unified view of “all things legal” is truly powerful.


We can publish forms to help your team and internal clients to create drafts of documents in seconds. But we can do more. Imagine creating a matter that automatically creates a project plan, assigns work, and drafts contracts. Because we can do that too.


Our contract repository mimics the power and simplicity of our matter management system. In fact, they’re connected, so not only are contracts stored in a central, searchable database, you can create contracts inside matters.

Lifecycle management

Expired contracts are a huge risk to your organization and a massive opportunity for your competition. Our contract dashboard and notifications system ensure this never happens again.


We work with a growing network of best-of-breed integration partners that add tremendous value to our contract management system. Everything from digital signing, to red-lining and even A.I. contract review.


Because LawVu is a single connected platform, we’ve added a comprehensive suite of contract management reports to our reporting suite that sit alongside all the other beautiful, insightful reports produced in LawVu.