Unifying your legal work

1 of 3 - How to unify your team's collaboration and workflow with a single source of truth, as well as organizing your data

Building a connected in-house legal function: the role of legal tech – a fireside chat with AMP

"54% of corporate lawyers are exhausted” - Gartner, 2021. This session explores how to deal with overload by unifying your team’s collaboration & workflow. This fireside chat with AMP will explore what a truly connected system of record looks like using the LawVu legal workspace, how to adopt change within your organisation, and how to… Read More »

Capital raising and IPOs: the integral role of in-house legal

Raising capital through venture rounds and IPOs is a huge undertaking for any business, placing a particularly heavy burden on in-house legal teams in addition to their day-to-day workload. Join us for this dynamic chat where we’ll hear from experienced legal leaders who have led their business and team through these events. We’ll chat about… Read More »

How Co-op implemented a workspace approach to legal operations

Join us for this online session where Andrew Hay, Head Of Operations Legal & Secretariat at Co-op, will share his insights on how he has led operational change for the Co-op in-house legal team. Lengthy implementation and trouble gaining user adoption can be frequent barriers to adopting legal technology. But with the right tools and… Read More »

How to keep up with the regulatory demands of highly regulated industries

Highly regulated industries face increasing complexities and constantly changing regulatory demands, putting pressure on the in-house legal team to keep pace in a dynamic environment. In this webinar, KPMG and Opal Healthcare join us to discuss how to navigate these demands by prioritizing strategic work, constantly evaluating business needs, and organizing data for accurate reporting… Read More »

How to thrive in a recession: four steps for in-house legal

In the uncertain economic climate, legal teams are feeling additional pressure to optimize efficiency and find cost-effective solutions. It’s time to get prepared so legal can survive and thrive. In this webinar, we introduce a new framework designed for in-house legal - The Connected Legal Function - and discuss how it can help legal prepare… Read More »