How to keep up with the regulatory demands of highly regulated industries

Highly regulated industries face increasing complexities and constantly changing regulatory demands, putting pressure on the in-house legal team to keep pace in a dynamic environment.

In this webinar, KPMG and Opal Healthcare join us to discuss how to navigate these demands by prioritizing strategic work, constantly evaluating business needs, and organizing data for accurate reporting — while keeping costs manageable.

With a robust process for keeping up with change, in-house legal teams can recover time, reduce risk, and truly connect to the business and its outcomes.
If you’re an in-house lawyer or legal operator in healthcare, finance, construction, insurance, or another highly-regulated industry, then this webinar is for you.

Talking points

  • How to keep up with change through the constant re-prioritization of business needs.
  • Balancing the needs of the business against what is required for compliance.
  • Leveraging technology to support increasing volumes of work and costs.
  • Setting your team up to focus on high value work and better connect with business outcomes.


Shaun Plant headshot
Shaun Plant
Chief Legal Officer - LawVu
Seshani Bala headshot
Seshani Bala
General Counsel - KPMG New Zealand
Christina Hardy headshot
Christina Hardy
General Counsel & Company Secretary - Opal Healthcare