Case Study: University of Tasmania, Australia.

LawVu delivers insight into matter management and contract management in one easy to use software platform for University of Tasmania.

Theo Kapodistrias, University of Tasmania, “Using LawVu is really just a few clicks. It’s incredibly intuitive.

Case Study: Ovid Therapeutics, New York

Ovid now has a central repository for all of their contracts and contract status.

LawVu has eliminated the version control headaches and tracking issues.

Case Study: Dunedin City Council

City council transforms legal services management

When the Dunedin City Council’s new in-house legal team needed a solution to their file management and visibility needs, LawVu ticked all the boxes.

Case Study: Hamilton City Council

HCC enhances its control of legal services management.

Hamilton City Council outsources its legal services, and was looking for greater visibility of the legal services it uses.