Empower your legal team to work from home.

Jul 15, 2020

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LawVu is a cloud-based legal operations platform which enables your team to work from home and stay on top of matter management, contract management, outside counsel management from anywhere in the world. Teams working from home can log into LawVu and start collaborating, sharing and communicating instantly.

LawVu is built from the ground up to complement the many different modes of work in today’s world. Whether your team is working from home or in the office LawVu’s flexibility and cloud infrastructure will support your teams in their chosen place of work. By ensuring we’ve built on the cloud General Counsel,  Lawyers and legal operation managers can now collaborate across boundaries.

Work from home or the office, LawVu will support you anywhere.

  • LawVu is built for the cloud, meaning you have the same tools at your disposal, whether you work from home, the office or somewhere else. When you log into LawVu, you’re at work.
  • Work anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Keep on top of your matters and your team’s matters with real-time collaboration data syncing.
  • View matters, see what’s waiting on you and view the directory in the LawVu mobile app.
  • Maximise productivity with the ability to view files and contracts from, anywhere on any device.
  • LawVu is available on desktop, mobile phone, ios app, and notifications via email, alert your smartwatch.

A true cloud solution for remote teams.

LawVu has partnered Microsoft Azure for hosting. We believe Microsoft offers the best in class cloud infrastructure for the kind of work legal departments are carrying out and the type of data they want to store.

We employ Azure data centres in multiple regions, so your data will reside in the region you choose.

You can learn more about safety and security in our Trust Centre.

2020 vision.

“In the past, much of our discussions with legal teams focused on helping with their efficiency. Now we’re also talking about providing them with vision – something they hadn’t realised they were lacking until they were suddenly forced to operate differently. By putting LawVu in place, we’re literally giving them back their sight or, you could say, giving them 2020 vision.” Sam Kidd CEO, LawVu.

Read more from our CEO about how LawVu has enabled remote working.

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