Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between LawVu Limited (“LawVu”, “us” or “we”) and users of the LawVu Services (“you”) governs the use of the LawVu Services under the provisions of the LawVu Terms of Service (the “Terms”).

Unless otherwise provided herein, this SLA is subject to the provisions of the Terms.

Available or Availability

When the user whose account is active and enabled has reasonable access to the Hosted Service provided by LawVu subject to the exclusions defined in Downtime Minutes below.

LawVu will use commercially reasonable efforts to make sure that all LawVu Services are available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 99.95%. 

A Monthly Uptime Percentage of 99.95% means that we guarantee you will experience no more than 21.56 min/month of Unavailability.

Maintenance Time

The time period during which the Hosted Service may not be Available each month so that LawVu can perform routine maintenance to maximize performance, is on an as needed basis.


The total number of minutes that the user cannot access the Hosted Service. The calculation of Downtime Minutes excludes time that the user is unable to access the Hosted Services due to any of the following:

(a) Maintenance Time
(b) User’s own Internet service provider
(c) Force Majeure event
(d) Any systemic Internet failures
(e) Any failure in the User’s own hardware, software or Network connection
(f) User’s bandwidth restrictions
(g) User’s acts or omissions
(h) Anything outside of the direct control of LawVu

Problem Response Time

The time period after LawVu has confirmed the Service event, from receipt of the information required from the User for LawVu’s Support Team to begin resolution. Due to the wide diversity of problems that can occur, and the methods required to resolve them, problem response time IS NOT defined as the time between the receipt of a call and problem resolution. After receiving a report of fault, LawVu shall use a reasonable method to provide the User with a progress update.

Category Level


Response time


Unplanned interruption rendering the Services un-Available; no work-around

5 Minutes


Unplanned interruption rendering the Services un-Available; work-around available

15 Minutes


Services are un-Available for a single User or small percentage of Users affected

4 hours


Intermittent problem

8 Business hours

Emergency Maintenance

These change controls happen immediately with little notification ahead of time; however, we will post the information to our website soon after or during the change.

Preventative Maintenance

These change controls are when we detect an item in the environment that we need to take action on, to avoid emergency change controls in the future. These change controls, if possible, will usually occur in low peak hours with peak being defined by our network metrics.

Planned Maintenance

These are change control’s being done to:

  • Support on-going product and operational projects to ensure optimal performance
  • Deploy non-critical service packs or patches.
  • Periodic redundancy testing.

Where possible planned maintenance will be posted 5-days prior; however, certain circumstances may preclude us from doing so, such as an external vendor issuing a change control to LawVu.

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