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Step 1 – Optimize Productivity

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Shaun Plant, LawVu’s Chief Legal Evangelist, discusses the importance of optimizing productivity to become more connected to your work and team, the first step in the Connected Legal Function framework.

In this video I discuss the distinction between two teams: one focused on operational requests and another on high-value tasks that impact the business’ strategic direction. The first team may feel productive because they’re busy with high-frequency, manual tasks. This can lead to job dissatisfaction, missed deadlines, and a disconnect with the organization. However, the second team is able to do higher-value work, make data-informed decisions, and contribute more value to the business as it optimizes productivity by minimizing legal waste, building legal capital, having oversight of all work, and collecting data.

If you’re interested to learn more about developing a productive, engaged and impactful legal function, become a connected legal function and get Connected Legal Certified with The Connected Legal Function framework.