Introducing Google Drive integration to the LawVu ecosystem

Apr 19, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes

LawVu is providing an even more connected software platform for in-house legal, with Google Drive the latest addition to its suite of integrated business options.

With LawVu’s Legal Workspace you can continue working with business solutions you’re familiar with, while enjoying a single cloud-based, secure and connected system.

The new integration enables file management continuity across Google Drive and LawVu, giving more visibility over work and progressing towards a more seamless and uninterrupted workflow.

LawVu’s Commercial Director Bríd Heffernan says the integration means tasks take less time and fewer clicks.

“There is nothing more precious than time. If we can save LawVu customers a few seconds or a few clicks it makes a huge difference. Legal departments have been crying out for interoperability so they can seamlessly store documents in enterprise technology, and we’ve delivered.”

The Google Drive integration enables files which are uploaded to LawVu, including new versions, to be uploaded to Google Drive, and files uploaded to Google Drive to be uploaded to LawVu. Folder structures in LawVu can be copied to Google Drive, and vice versa. Changes can also be made to the folders selected for synching, and synching can be stopped and re-started at any time.

The enhanced Google Mail add-in also means customers are able to create matters and contracts from email, and track email threads, therefore removing the need to manually save.

There are more enhancements for the Google Drive integration planned for release in the near future, building even more functionality into the integration.

Google Drive joins other integrations included in the LawVu ecosystem, including Outlook, Gmail, DocuSign, Workshare Compare, Microsoft 365, HelloSign, and more. With LawVu you’re able to continue working with your preferred leading business solutions, connecting your favourite point solutions for a fully-integrated Legal Workspace.

The LawVu platform is a Legal Workspace with productivity and collaboration modules built specifically for in-house legal teams. The platform is anchored by the core Workspace Hub, where you can access your chosen modules: Matters, Contracts, Engage and/or Insights, together with Knowledge and Documents. LawVu provides one source of truth for in-house legal, showcasing its value to the wider organization and creating better business outcomes..

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